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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Everyone was so shocked that I was wearing leather dungarees - I really don't know why!
I love the idea of dungarees but it's so rare for me to find one that I think looks great on me. I don't know - maybe it's because I have a short torso or something but a lot of dungas look so strange on me. 
So to find these by H&M was a complete win. I think they have similar ones in store at the moment. I think this one was in the 'teenage girl' section - lol.  What do you guys think? Do I pull them off?

Top by Asos
Jacket by Pull & Bear
Boots by Office 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

John Lennons

Honestly I put on these sunglasses and I feel so rock. Like come at me bro?! 
Just kidding.... this is a weekend ready outfit - feat all my new buys - and to be honest I am more than ready for the weekend (insert work is killing me moan here)

Bag : Primark
Top: Primark
Corduroy's: ASOS
Scraf: Zara
Sunglasses: Brick Lane Market
Boots: Topshop

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Friday, October 30, 2015


No, it's not a typo.. it's an outfit of the other day (OOTOD). Although it is ending October, the weather has been pretty okay. I haven't needed a coat YET but I am excited to bring out the fur.

It is definitely chilly enough for polo/turtle necks to be a constant in your #ootds. I love polo necks but I really don't like spending too much on them because after all, they are pretty much like t-shirts. This stunning polo jumper-top is from Primark (of course). I guess I am a walking ambassador for Primani at the moment. I LOVE yellow's/burnt oranges/reds against my skin tone so I was immediately drawn to it. To tell you the truth, I think I am wearing it back to front - as in - the buttons should be at the back. HOWEVER I think it looks waaaay cuter with the beautiful gold/bronze buttons at the front though... very vintaaaaarrrge.

I live in black jeans to be honest. Like yes I blog in colour but if you saw me in person, I am usually in black jeans. I absolutely ADORE these beautiful coated Topshop jeans. I love the zip detail at the bottom and the high-waistedness of them. At the moment, jean/trouser ensemble is not complete until I add a cute buckle belt to it. It just adds a certain je ne sais quo to any outfit. 

Last but not least, my River Island babies... a visual orgasm and comfy as hell. Great shoes are to an outfit as water is to fish. OMG that is the worst hyperbole ever (i don't even think it even was a hyperbole). But you catch my drift. 

Shop a similar look here:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Style Challenge with Farfetch.com

Farfetch.com recently challenged me to recreate a look most reminiscent of the leading lady of the movie of my choice - in celebration of film festival season. 

A challenge I could obviously not turn down - a chance to recreate an import piece of fashion history - heck yeah!

OF COURSE I chose to recreate a look from 90s fashion bible - Clueless (Cher as the leading lady) - 20 years on and Clueless is still one of THE best and most iconic fashion films ever made and an inspiration on many of the looks sported today. With their Mini skirts, plaid matchy suits, knee high socks, cute buckle shoes and totally quotable lines - Cher and Dionne were the envy of teenage girls everywhere! 

So here is it, a clueless look with a slight 2015 twist paying homage to two great 'visual mediums' - FASHION & FILM (F&F)!

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Thierry Mugler black crop top
£450 - farfetch.com

Moschino vintage jacket
£635 - farfetch.com

IRO black skirt
£380 - farfetch.com

Comme des Garçons socks
£42 - farfetch.com

Emporio Armani wingtip shoes
£275 - farfetch.com

Moschino black bag
£1,035 - farfetch.com


Friday, October 16, 2015


All the cool kids hang out in Shoreditch don't they? Trendy, arty Shoreditch. 
I've finally settled in to London living after almost a month here.. but I spend all my time in Shoreditch. Good vibes and unique places is why I love that place. 
This outfit is pretty Shoreditchy. Laid back cool if I do say so myself. The dress is a Sheinside number. A totally versatile babe piece. The boots are from TK Max a while back but the Topshop  boots everyone is rocking this aw15 is so similar. I won't say much now about the All Saints jacket because it honestly deserves a post of it's own - but AH-MAY-ZING doesn't even cut it!

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