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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Samurai Business

*late post*
The category most looked at when doing my online shop is 'work wear'. Especially work wear that is transformable into after drinks wear - because for both those things, I mean business!

My go to work wear online stores at present are ASOS, Topshop, Zara and Boohoo - they all have some absolute FIYAH work pieces so go check them out.

The samurai trend is also very much in at the moment - so for a little mercenary warrior touch I added what is usually my black neck scarf to my waist. Every good war also needs some kickass boots and these LK Bennett knee highs would see me through any battle. Last but not least my armour aka this beautiful long line coat to protect me against this bitterly cold spring weather.

Shop the look:

Dress: Zara
Boots: L.K. Bennett (very smiliar, mine appears to have sold out)
Scarf: similar here  (original from Zara but has sold out)
Coat: ASOS

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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Casual for the weekend

There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself once in a while, especially when you work hard! 
So I did, and I don't regret it!

Gucci have absolutely nailed it with the Dionysus styles - I don't even have to say much, you can see for yourself.
The bag comes in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes so I would purchase it in store if you are planning to - this means you could try a few on and see which would be best for your everyday. 

 The highlight during purchase was definitely getting three glass of champagne to go with it - they definitely had the right idea!

Outfit details:
Jacket - Zara
Top - Topshop
Mom Jeans - Topshop
Bag - Gucci
Trainers - purchased in Thailand
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dose of Khaki

If you've seen my instagram, you'd have seen me post snippets of this look with the title

"I love colour but black stay winning"

I always try to introduce colour into my daily wear. It makes me feel happier throughout the day - affects my psyche somehow. However, there are times you really can't beat a black on black.  I cheated a little with the suede khaki jacket from Primark (my favourite jacket at the moment) but I felt this jacket really really pulled this look together. Gave it an edge you know...

Shop the look:
Jacket: Primark (selling so fast so get there soon!)
Jeans: Guess
Top: H&M
Boots: H&M

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Tumblr (I am new to it): http://dympsanddimes.tumblr.com

Friday, April 15, 2016

Urban Spring

WOAH, a whole loada colour going on here... makes it hard to focus right? - hopefully wrong....
So I was speaking to a close friend and she admitted that she only looks at my pictures most of the time - honestly, I spend time writing for people like her to only look at pictures?! is this life? 

I do go on...

but I won't today...

I just wanted to show you guys this skirt from +Primark  that I paired with a white shirt from +ASOS and some beautiful heels by +Public Desire  #pdbae
A very replicable look for work or play 

okay bye 

I am on a quest to promote myself a little more now. So in promoting myself -  and if you like what you see and read - follow me on everything. 

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Monday, April 04, 2016

Currently Loving: Anastasia Beverly Hills



I have finally found the eyebrow gel that dreams are made of.  So much so that I bought two - okay that's not why but it could be!

So, I haven't plucked, tweezed or threaded my eyebrows in like three months. I am a fan of the bushy eyebrow look but it is so difficult to maintain them that way - that's until I started using this gel. This gel just keeps everything together and, for those with sparse eyebrows, gives the appearance of thicker, fuller brows. 

Once applied it sets so well. I am so so impressed - come rain, come sunshine, your eyebrows will still look flawless. 

The colour chart was a little confusing at first. I honestly didn't know whether I needed the espresso, chocolate or granite. I ordered the espresso online but then went into the store Blow to make sure I got the colour right. 

  • Granite - appears the darkest and is meant to be for cool-toned brunettes but the colour just looks green and a little off.
  • Espresso - the next darkest and suitable for brown to black hair tones . It is a cooler dark shade
  • Chocolate - I would describe this as a warmer toned dark shade 
More colours here - http://www.blowltd.com/brands/anastasia-beverly-hills/anastasia-beverly-hills-tinted-brow-gel
Once dry, the difference between espresso and chocolate isn't really noticeable. Maybe it is to do with my skin tone. I would say espresso creates a more intense browma (brown, drama - lol) and chocolate is a little more subtle.

I haven't really noticed the tinted effect that much but I do notice the extra dimension to my brows so the tint is definitely a great extra.

I was previously using Maybelline's 'brow drama' and I do still love it - it comes at a cost friendly price of £5 as opposed to ABHs' £16.50, and does everything it says on the tube. However, I do prefer the brush on ABHs' and the gel just has a little something something extra - after all, you get what you pay for.

How to apply:

"Apply the gel in short upward strokes, following the direction of hair growth. Perfect for experimenting with this season's 'brushed up' brow looks - just make sure you blend thoroughly and always apply in good light!"


So I usually only use the gel and then shape my brows with my MAC brow pencil and then do the usual concealer trick - but If I need even more browma , I use the powder. 

If I am totally honest, I picked up the powder because it is just the most PERFECT eyeshadow. I swatched it and instantly feel in love. I now swear by it as part of my everyday makeup look.

I really struggle to find perfect brown shadows for my skin tone as the matte browns always come out ashy or just off. This brow powder works wonders especially for a top smokey eye. If you don't believe me - try it!

I am on a quest to promote myself a little more now. I might even start some Youtube videos if ya'll interested. So in promoting myself and if you like what you see and read - follow me on everything. 

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