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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Collab: Shein

Yaas, one of my favourite online stores got in touch with ME asking to collaborate - I was like heck yeah!! I absolutely love Shein - I have done ever since I was at uni and I couldn't afford to splurge on high-end garms so i'd find alternatives on SheIn - I loved that I could be 100% sure no one else would be wearing the same thing.

Since then, SheIn has grown to become one of most popular stores on the net. However, if you've been living under some sort of rock and haven't yet heard of SheIn, you're in for a treat!


SheIn has been around since 2008, and has now become one of the most acclaimed online stores for women’s fashion. They are dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge fashion with some of the lowest prices in the entire industry.

I love it when retailers ask you to pick from their collection BUT its also a very stressful time for me.  I end up spending hours and hours upon days searching for the item of dreams. Even though I have a lot of items on my SheIn wish list, I wanted to pick something cutting edge.

The jumpsuit was a winner because not only had I seen nothing like it on the high street, it is something I can wear day and night or day to night. It looks super cute in the day with a leather jacket and some adidas equipments or for the night, a cropped fur jacket and some killer heels. For this shoot I wore it quite simply as to not distract from it's beauty but i'll redress for another shoot - possibilities are endless.

outfit details: Gingham V Neck Jumpsuit - http://bit.ly/2itwGQD

I ordered a size XS and I'm a 6/8 - it runs true to size overall but slightly big on the bust area.

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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Cleaning your makeup brushes - the right way!

It’s important to clean your makeup brushes regularly to avoid build up of bacteria and dead skin -leading to acne, rashes and other skin problems.

Dirty brushes are also unlikely to distribute makeup as well. Excess makeup/product build up can cause bristles to snap and brushes to deteriorate after a short time.

Although a tedious and forgetful task,washing your makeup brushes should be as important as washing your hair. 

In my video I am using the ’makeup brush and sponge sanitizing wash’ by ‘The Pro Hygiene Collection’ - sold on feelunique.com. However, baby shampoo will do (especially if you have sensitive skin)

 I add a little 5pence blob to my palm (the instructions say 10p but the product lathers really well so a small amount will do) -  swirl the brush around my palm & my fingers until clean - your hand is basically used as your washboard.

NOTE: Be sure to clean your brushes with cold water - warm/hot water can dissolve the glue that is holding the bristles together.

Your brush is clean when the rinse runs clean (as with your hair)

I squeeze the excess water from the brush as this speeds up drying time - it also helps to mould brushes back into the shape they were in prior to being wet so when they dry they return to normal

TO DRY - I fold a towel so one end of it raised. I ensure I place each brush in a slanted position with the water dripping towards the bristles and away from the handles.

Leave to dry completely and enjoy your clean brushes!

DO deep clean your brushes at least twice a week
DO always wash your brushes with the bristles faces downwards to avoid water seeping to the ferrel/handles
DO spot clean after every use if possible 
DO use olive oil alongside step 1 to get rid of stubborn stains and for some added moisture

DON'T place all your brushes into a bowl and soak them with shampoo - this will ultimately affect the glue holding the bristles together. 

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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Sale Edit

outfit details:
skirt - Sandro Paris
Jumper - Topshop
Jacket - eBay (see 'Boxing Day' post)
Boots - Zara

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boxing Day

outfit details:
Trousers - Balenciaga 
Jacket: Zara (SOLD OUT - find on ebay)

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Monday, December 12, 2016

AW16 Styling

outfit details:
cardigan - Mango

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