Monday, April 15, 2013

A Little about D4Dimples

Why D4Dimples? - My name is Dauby and I have Dimples (that is as creative as it gets really)

I am 22 years young, from Norwich (England) and a Law Graduate with a Fashion for Passion.

I decided to create a blog because I get a lot of questions about my style and where I get my stuff from.  I also want to show that you CAN get timeless pieces at bargain prices if you know where to LOOK. I predominantly shop online and I guess I am what one would call an 'eBay Legend' - I can literally spend hours on that site just searching (sometimes for nothing in particular). I also love ASOS, ASOS Marketplace and recently so expect to see a lot of fashion features from those sites. Saying that, I shop anywhere and everywhere- I am not one to limit myself to a particular shop or site . Car Boot sales have recently become my fashion playground - you can get the coolest vintage pieces for as little as £1.  Anyway enough of my Rambling,    I'll let my posts do the talking :)

Thank You for Reading x♥ X♥ 



  1. Hey, just thought I'd say, I love your style! Some really cute outfits!

  2. Proud to see my sister looking great and sharing her tips!!!


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