Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Days of Summer

sooo in season...get it soon.... it's in the sale!!!

Pair this outfit with a large floppy hat and some pastel polish for a cute summer look 

P.s - I washed the jumpsuit and it created the creased effect in the cape part which I liked. But once ironed out, it will look like the picture on the ASOS site.


Friday, June 07, 2013

Chime For Change (OOTD)

If you've watched my 'About Me' video... you would have most definitely noticed the pile of clothes and shoes behind me.  I was on a mission to pack for the 'Chime for Change' concert in Twickenham, London, which was an event to' promote education, health and justice for every girl and woman everywhere.' Not only was it an amazing event due to the number of celebrities that attended (Beyonce, Jay Z, Madonna to name a few) but it was also very informative. Please check out their page and donate to a good cause!

Below are some pictures of my 'outfit of that day' :)

Playsuit: Primark (approx £18) / Shoes: ASOS Bandage Wedges / Bag: Vintage Fair


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