Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sleek Exxxaggerate Lipstick vs. MAC's RIRI Boy Lipstick

Hey barbs (lol I try to come up with a new one everytime... )

So I recently did a review on the Sleek Exxxaggerate lipstick ( if you haven't seen the post, check it out ) and I said I would compare it to the MAC RiRi Boy lipstick when it arrives! So here goes....

Sleek Exxxaggerate

MAC RiRi Boy

Comparison ...

Stating the obvious but Exxxaggerate is a much darker purple than the RiRi Boy. The RiRi boy is true to the 'vivid lavender' description and more on the pink than the purple side. They are both matte so a well moisturised lip is recommended before application. Personally, I feel Exxxaggerate has a much drier and stiffer texture than RiRi Boy. They both wear for a longer time although RiRi Boy lasts just that bit longer. 

Exxxaggerate is an affordable £4.99 from most beauty stores. RiRi Boy sold out so quickly when launched so it can only be purchased from eBay, Amazon etc and the price ranges from £23 - £35. 

Both lipsticks are beautiful but I think I prefer Exxxaggerate. The colour is so unique and borderline gothic but I have not really had the chance to experiment with RiRi Boy so who knows, my preference might change...

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