Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dress For Winter

Hey Hey Hey,

Sorry for my absence. Work has taken up most of my time.


I have so many new and exciting purchases to show you all so don't give up on me :)

So winter is well and truly here. I can't lie, I am still in summer/autumn mode but I am slowly transitioning. I  had to pack up all my summer gear and put them in a suitcase to help me dress weather-appropriate.

This is today's winter outfit:

Dress: Barnea Layered Floral Skater Dress - Missguided - (I had been eyeing up this dress for a while and finally got it on Friday. I wasn't too sure on it at first but i've grown to love it.)

Bag: Charity Shop - ( I bought the bag from my local charity shop for £4!!)

Shoes:  TK MAX /SixtySeven- (TK Max is another shop I've grown to love as I've always viewed it as a bit of a jumble sale. I had been looking for winter boots EVERYWHERE so when I finally came across these, is was love at first sight!. They are extremely comfortable, timeless and they go with everything)

Tights: Primark

Faux Fur Coat: ASOS - (this is a birthday present from last year so I think it may be sold out on ASOS but it is worth looking on eBay if you are interested) 

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