Sunday, December 08, 2013

Product Review: Macadamia Hair Products

Hey There! 

Soo, this post is long overdue....

 I purchased some Macadamia hair products from Groupon a couple of weeks back which I have been meaning to do a review on but I always forget (silly me!). Better late than never ayy.

Okay so I have been trying my very best to keep my hair healthy by using natural hair products. This means studying product ingredients and spending hours on the internet reading product reviews! Organix was a brand that kept popping up, in particular the Macadamia range. 

I see why!!  Not only does the product smell absolutely beautiful but it does exactly what it says on the container (plus it's sulfate free meaning I am not using harsh drying chemicals on my scalp/hair). So when you find a product that works you stick to it right? RIGHT! So when I saw the Macadamia range was on offer on Groupon, I had to have it and of-course, it didn't disappoint.  

 It came in a cutesy bag complete with a comb 

 Rejuvenating Shampoo

Deep Repair Masque

 Moisture Leave-In-Cream

 Moisturizing Rinse

Healing Oil Treatment

Why I love it?

1) It smells so good (good enough to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it )
2) It hydrates - For my hair texture, hydration is key. The more hydrated my hair is the more it grows!
3) It keeps my hair Smooth and Frizz Free
4) It is deep conditioning (Increased moisture = less breakage)
5) It is Sulfate and Paraben Free - it doesn't strip away the natural oily goodness from your hair. This is also perfect for people with coloured hair.

The offer is no longer on Groupon but you can purchase the products here.  Let me know if it works for you too! 


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