Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tom Ford

"I don't pop m***y, I rock Tom Ford..."
So I met this super stylish gentleman whilst Inter-railing Europe last year. When I say met, I mean I chased him around the Duomo in Milan with my camera. I finally got to him outside and he was quite happy to pose for me in his head-to-toe Tom Ford. He had just come from the Milan fashion week and damn could you tell!
I love how well put together and stand-out this outfit is. It was definitely in line with Tom Ford's spring/summer collection 2013. 
The Spring/Summer 2014 collection is equally as Suave (but ofcourse!). I really love the bold colours/patterns and the fitted tailoring with strong shoulders. Tom Ford is definitely a revival to the everyday suit and It's safe to say to be able to pull this off, you really need to be self assured and not afraid to make a bold tailored statement!

All credit to Tom Ford/Google for above pictures

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Understated Sparkles - Missguided

Missguided, I love you.

If you know me, you know I love my jumpsuits. They are just the most practical, sophisticated, understated piece of clothing ever. So for my love of jumpsuits to be coupled with some sparkles and well, we are on to a complete winner. When that jumpsuit coupled with sparkles is only £19.99, we have hit the jackpot!


If you know me you also know I love gold. So when I saw this bag in a Charity shop for £5, it was a what? A no brainer! Its so vintage and if you know me....

A whole outfit for £25!! hashtag treated.
This post just makes me so excited for summer! Can it be summer now? 

P.s. I initally bought the jumpsuit in a size 8 but it turned out to be too big for me as it's quite long and flowy, so I got the size 6 which fits much better. If in doubt, go down a size.

*Psstt* It's still in stock!! HURRY get get get !!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Whilst you were all recovering from your New Year hangovers, I was in Oxford street picking up some bargains! I bought the most things in primark and I just love every single item so I thought I would share it with ya'll...

Fur Cropped Top/Jumper in Powder Blue (approx £10.00) - I already have the white version of this , which I absolutely love, so I decided to get the blue. I heard there is a black one lurking around in a Primark somewhere. When I find it, it will be mine also.

Tea Dress (£5) - I must admit, when I saw this dress I didn't really think it was me as it's a little girly. I also don't tend to try stuff on when I go shopping (it just takes too much time), so I bought it in the hope I fell inlove with it once I put it on... and I did. Its such an all-rounder of a dress. 

Trousers/Blazer (£10 for both) - I really love the fit and the length of Primark smart trousers and I've also wanted a black blazer for a while but one with a bit of character, so these items where the easiest decision of the day.

Leopard Print Pumps (£6) - If you've seen my Instagram, you'd have seen me rave about these. I love pointy shoes/boots/pumps, not only are they soo in right now, but add elegance to every outfit.  The leopard print also makes them look so chic!!.

Rings (approx £2.00) - I am not that much of a ring wearer to be honest (mainly because I lose them ) but I decided to get this pack as 1) It was cheap 2) I doubt I can manage to lose all 12 rings 3) Band rings add a certain je ne c'est quoi to an outfit and are also in right now.

I do love me some good Primani finds 


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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Coatigan

Photo Credits to Google for above photo 
Shirt (eBay) • Jeans - ASOS  • Coatigan - ASOS   Ankle Boots - Aldo   Bag - Louis Vuitton   Hat - H&M

 Guess who was a good girl and received this beautiful Coatigan from her wish list ? Well if you said me, you were correct :)

I got it ! I got it! seee...wishes do come true.

Anyway, enough of that. I have been lusting over this Coatigan for so long. Honestly, at one point, I thought I would never lay hands on it because funnily enough, as soon as I wrote the 'A Late Christmas Wish-List'  post, the coat just sold out in EVERY SIZE. Noo, I am not being a big head and blaming it on my blog BUT what a coinkidink ay! I was LITERALLY prepared to get this coat in a size 16, it got that bad. One day the size 6 magically came into stock so I ordered it but to my horror, I received an email from ASOS two days later apologising that the item could not be sent because it was out of stock. This happened TWICE. So when I finally bought the 8 (pictured) I didn't have faith that it would arrive but to my delight and thanks to my BF, it did. I love it --- it was exactly what I wanted and definitely worth the wait and emotional torment!

Okay so back to the outfit..

This might be one of my favourite outfits of the year (ahh and I hear you say, this is your only outfit post of the year... yeah I was trying to be funny) but no seriously, I am wearing almost all my favourite pieces. I purchased the jeans a while ago but I think they are still in stock on ASOS.  I just fell inlove with the fit and the colour of them!
I treated myself to these Aldo shoes whilst Oxford street shopping on New Years Day as they were in the sale - they are incredibly comfortable and surprisingly go with so many of my clothes :) The top is from eBay (china) a while back. I can't find a link to it anywhere but once I do I will post it up. As for the bag, yeah that's just me being a little spoilt!

*Big woops* just noticed by flies are undone in some.. the photographer didn't tell me ha! sowwi

P.s. has anyone else noticed that I wear ALOT of ASOS. I was going through my wardrobe the other day and it was just ASOS ASOS ASOS. I can't get enough.

ooo also, If you've been on my Instagram, you'd have seen I treated myself again to a Nikon D5100 so look out for more exciting posts with better quality snaps - once I get the hang of it!


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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pre-Review : Lancôme DreamTone

DreamTone Profile 03 (Dark Skin Tone) 40ml• Advanced Génifique 7ml• Génifique Eye Light-Pearl™ 5ml • DreamTone Profile 03

What is it?

 A skin serum which is set to 'reveal the skin tone of your dreams'. It claims to correct dark spots and fade marks/ blemishes for an even, beautiful, youthful skin tone.

Who is it for? 

People who want to soothe the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone, skin irregularities and blemish marks.

How does it work?

Serum to be purchased based on your skin tone i.e. Profile 01 (light skin) 02 (medium skin) and 03 (dark skin) and then to be used day and night as part of your skin care routine (After some research, I have read that the profiles are not set in stone i.e. Profile chosen can also depend on your skin pigmentation)

How much does it cost?

£69 ( $98-$101)

I am usually not one for hype but I have heard a lot of good things about the Lancôme DreamTone dark spot corrector, so, my lovely boyfriend decided to treat me for my birthday. I could not bring myself to purchase it due to the pricey tag and the fear it may not work. Getting it as a present definitely eased the pressure.

So, I know I wrote a post not too long ago about sticking to things that work, and for me, it's 
the 'Garnier Pure Active Facial Scrub and Nivea Facial Wipes' .  These are still my go to products but I decided to try the serum as it only adds to my routine, it doesn't exclude any of the others :)

I naturally have good skin (thanks to my folks!!) but I am human so I try to improve little imperfections caused by my teenage years. I just really want my skin to be the best it can be as I'm not getting any younger !! 

I ordered the set from Boots (The serum alone is £69 but the set is also £69 so it was a no brainer really ) and picked it up on Tuesday. I read some reviews about people struggling to open the product but thanks to those posts, I worked it out first time (you twist the top anticlockwise and voilà). I like the 'twist' method as I always lose the cap off things and then I don't use it anymore as I get worried germs have gotten in - then it gets wasted. So first tick to the packaging/functionality. 

What frustrated/inconvenienced me is that the set does not come with like an information card or booklet enabling me to use the products as recommended. I tried to Google recommended steps to follow but the search was in vain. I had to Google information about the products individually, which took up a lot of time, and then create my own step by step guide.

My Steps:

1) Cleanse my face with the Garnier Pure Active scrub;

2) follow by using the Nivea Gentle Facial Wipes
3) Apply a few drops of the Advanced Génifique 7ml to my skin and massage ( I only use this once a week as there's not a lot of it and it's not a crucial step) 
4) Apply the Génifique Eye Light-Pearl to the creases/around my eye ( again, only used once a week)
5) Finally, Apply the Dream Tone serum paying close attention to arrears that need to be targeted.

It has only been 4 days since I used the products for the first time so I cannot provide an in-depth review, but so far so good! My skin feels soo soft, the product smells so beautiful (this scares a lot of people due to the fear the serum is heavily perfumed but it hasn't irritated my skin yet so the smell is still a bonus) and I can already see a difference. I rarely wear foundation anyway but the serum gives my skin a glow which makes me look as though I am. BUT, it is all still early days so things may change, but for now, it is definitely living up to the hype. 



  • Good Packaging
  • Skin feels incredibly soft
  • Smells beautiful
  • It acts as a tinted moisturiser by giving the skin a natural glow

  • Set does not come with a step by step recommendation or information booklet

I shall be back with a 3 week review so stay tuned!  


Sunday, January 05, 2014

Recap: Outfits of 2013

better late than never ay...

BUT I have a good excuse. I have been so ill since the New Year. I haven't had much energy to eat let alone blog but whilst feeling sorry for myself in bed, I saw other bloggers doing a 2013 outfit round up so I decided to shorten the blogging gap with this post :) It has been 9 months since I started blogging (see what I did there? 9 outfits for 9 months of blogging... i'm good aren't I? haha) but it feels like yesterday! I was merely testing the waters but now I can call myself a blogger thanks to everyone that reads my posts and supports me. I aim to dedicate more time to my blog and bring you more exciting stuff in this New Year so watch this space :)

EX and OH's

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