Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

Long time no Blog!

Sorry for the time gap, I have been quite busy but hope you've all had a good week/weekend :)

So, last weekend, I went to the Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Northampton. The Fair involves up to 100 vintage traders under one roof selling items that date as far back as the 1940s. There are also vintage hair salons, live acts and a cute vintage tea party. 
I first heard of them through a few friends studying Fashion at Uni and I was then given the opportunity to promote for them one time. The event occurs approximately twice a year in each city they visit - Please click here to see when the fair will be coming to your city or a city near you!

It is really worth going because the place is amazing! I would set aside a whole day so you get the opportunity to have a good look as there is SO MUCH to look at. I found the most amazing pieces for peanuts too! Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking ;) 

Below are my favourite pieces purchased on the day. The shirt was £5 and the shorts, Levi's, were £10. Summer is fast approaching so I purchased these summer-minded. I will showcase the outfit a little more in a later post so this was just a preview ;)

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Thursday, February 13, 2014


So this is basically what I look like on weekends (maybe minus the sandals, I would usually wear flats and carry these in my bag). I never know what I am doing and tend to decide on things last minute so an outfit like this is perfect for spontaneous happenings. Say I was out shopping and I received a phonecall to meet a friend at a bar, I'd just whip off the cardi and Voilà, we have a bar outfit. A great combo for day and night.

P.s. I've realised I talk about work and bars alot. I promise that's not all I do. It's just an example. Don't want you thinking i'm a forever working alcoholic 
Denim Sleeveless Shirt - ASOS • Quilted Leather Skirt - Topshop  • Cardigan - Urban Outfitters •  Moc Croc Bag - Chiltern
 • Sandals - ASOS • Geek Specs - eBay 

The skirt and Cardigan were purchased in the Jan Sales and the bag is a recent purchase. I've wanted a Chiltern bag for forever, so I'm happy I finally got my hands on one.

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Friday, February 07, 2014

Matchy Matchy

Don't you just love a good match? So do I..
Today's outfit is inline with the trends without even meaning to be. I purchased this combo, separately, a while back and realised, they actually form a two piece. I bought the Blazer around April last year from River Island and then purchased the trousers later on in the year from Primark without it clicking that the two actually go together. My boyfriend brought it to my attention with his amazing eye for fashion (he'll cringe at this I bet)
I'm really into my all-rounder outfits at the moment. As I am always working, I need outfits that are easily transferable from office to bar (see my work to bar haul here), so this ensemble is perfect for that. I am also really loving the tartan trend as well as the two piece trend so a combination of both is a winner!

Okay so, I think I am really blessed or just massively spoilt  or blessed because I am massively spoilt.. but either way - I received a lot of the items on my Christmas wishlist! I got the Coatigan, which I have featured in a post, the Dolce and Gabbana perfume which j'adore and these beauties on my feet. If you haven't noticed, I really love Zara shoes - they are so lady like and perfect for EVERY occasion. I actually forgot about wanting the shoes until I saw them in Zara for £12.99!! Fate or what?!

And ofcourse, my outfit wouldn't be complete without something by ASOS. The woven cami top is from ASOS and the colour is called Chartreuse. I think it's sold out on ASOS unfortunately but try eBay as there's bound to be one up for sale (or ASOS always have something similar). I had to get the top in a size 4 :0, I seriously have no boobs!
ooo have you heard? I am now an ASOS insider, YAY ME :). As a welcome present, I was given the sunglasses I am wearing. Aren't they just fab! 
Last but not least, the croc style bag is from Primark a while ago. I love the vibrant red colour which adds the right splash of colour to ANY outfit. 

Thanks for reading :)

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

January Beauty Buys

Clinique - Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam- 50ml  / Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion - 100ml / Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment - 30ml

You only get one skin and you're only young once so I really believe in looking after your skin (especially the skin on your face!) 

I decided to invest a little more money into my facial/beauty products and cut down on the 'on the surface' stuff. I've been doing my research and asking around, trying to find the best skin products for my skin type. The brand that kept popping up was Clinique for the facial sets so that sealed the deal for me. I was also advised to try MAC, Benefit and Estée Lauder for make-up. 
I think I'm the only girl on earth that only owns one MAC product and that's the RiRi boy lipstick. The hype has never really appealed to me and to be honest, I'm not that big on makeup. I was going to give MAC a shot but the terrible service I received in a particular MAC store put me off that day (I really wanted a colour match done for me which didn't end up happening, so even if I did want to purchase MAC products down the line, I wouldn't know where to start with the foundation/powder colours as there are literally hundreds - I was really disappointed as I was ready to buy!). Anyway, it may have been fate because when I got home, I decided to continue my research into powders and light/invisible make-up which led me to find the Estée Lauder 'Invisible Powder Makeup'! All the reviews were great stating the product was true to it's name and it made you feel as though you weren't wearing any makeup - PERFECT!

I am a bargain hunter but I also feel as though deals fall on my lap. House of Fraser near me happened to have a sale meaning my purchase price was reduced by atleast 10% (The Clinique starter set came to £27 and the invisible make-up to £26!). A lovely young lady tested the powder on my skin for colour match and suitability purposes- she also gave me a water based tester for free which I thought was a nice touch.

I bought the 'anti-blemish' set for reasons stated in my Lancôme inital-review so check that out - saves me repeating it all again!

So far so good, Clinique has been a God-send to my skin. A lot of the reviews stated your skin gets worse before it gets better but mine has just gotten better. I haven't broken out in a week which is a miracle considering the week I've had! My skin is soo soft and plump. I've been using the set together with my Lancôme dark spot corrector and I can really see the difference , however, for review purposes, it's quite hard to tell which one of the products is the miracle worker. For me, it's all good! If they work well together, that's great as I get a little worried about mixing and matching products. 
*FYI, the cleansing foam/clarifying lotion tends to make skin feel tight however this is soon balanced out by the clearing treatment*

The Invisible Powder is definitely true to it's name, it's so lovely to put on, so light yet the coverage is amazing. It was just what I was looking for, something light to dust over my Lancôme serum.

I'm yet to give a 3 week update on Lancôme but so far skin good!

N.B. If you have dry skin, the powder may not be advisable on it's own but as an addition to a more water-based foundation. It's advisable to get the product tested on your skin before you purchase to make sure it is the right product for you. I used to have quite dry/tight skin in my T-zone but the Lancôme serum has helped a lot with that.

Also, I do still LOVE my Nivea Facial Wipes and Garnier Scrub - so I don't want to contradict my previous posts, I just decided to try something I have been recommended to try that I have never tried before!

**Thanks for reading this mega long post. If I have left anything out or there is anything else you want to know, just message me via any of the many modes to message someone - and I will be happy to answer any questions :)**

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Camel Coat Célfie

Hey Lovelies, hope everyone has had a good week! Today I bring to you two of the most popular trends right now. The Camel Coat and a play on the Céline-omania, The Célfie. Who am I to go against fashion-tradition (fadition - ha!). 
Camel Coat - eBay • Jeans - Topshop •  Célfie Tee - eBay (Sincerely Jules) •  Ankle Boots - Zara •  Bag - Charity Shop

I have wanted a camel coat since the craze hit town, so I have been shopping around for quite some time. I found this one on eBay from a seller in Hong Kong and quickly snatched it up. I love the style of it i.e. the zip and pocket detail and the manish yet girly look to it. I also managed to get it in an XS which seems to be a very rare find for a camel coat. 

So if anyone is still looking for a statement camel coat, try eBay for some unique finds!

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