Thursday, February 13, 2014


So this is basically what I look like on weekends (maybe minus the sandals, I would usually wear flats and carry these in my bag). I never know what I am doing and tend to decide on things last minute so an outfit like this is perfect for spontaneous happenings. Say I was out shopping and I received a phonecall to meet a friend at a bar, I'd just whip off the cardi and Voilà, we have a bar outfit. A great combo for day and night.

P.s. I've realised I talk about work and bars alot. I promise that's not all I do. It's just an example. Don't want you thinking i'm a forever working alcoholic 
Denim Sleeveless Shirt - ASOS • Quilted Leather Skirt - Topshop  • Cardigan - Urban Outfitters •  Moc Croc Bag - Chiltern
 • Sandals - ASOS • Geek Specs - eBay 

The skirt and Cardigan were purchased in the Jan Sales and the bag is a recent purchase. I've wanted a Chiltern bag for forever, so I'm happy I finally got my hands on one.

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  1. Really cute outfit! I'm like in love with your cardigan!

  2. First time around here and loving that outfit ! It's absolutely stunning !

  3. Hi girl, I saw your look on Asos and then followed your blog/IG/lookbook, I have to say your style is great!! I love how you wear this skirt and I'm a big fan of your sunglasses plus your shoes are fab! x
    Keep rocking that :)

    ~ ~


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