Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

Long time no Blog!

Sorry for the time gap, I have been quite busy but hope you've all had a good week/weekend :)

So, last weekend, I went to the Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Northampton. The Fair involves up to 100 vintage traders under one roof selling items that date as far back as the 1940s. There are also vintage hair salons, live acts and a cute vintage tea party. 
I first heard of them through a few friends studying Fashion at Uni and I was then given the opportunity to promote for them one time. The event occurs approximately twice a year in each city they visit - Please click here to see when the fair will be coming to your city or a city near you!

It is really worth going because the place is amazing! I would set aside a whole day so you get the opportunity to have a good look as there is SO MUCH to look at. I found the most amazing pieces for peanuts too! Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking ;) 

Below are my favourite pieces purchased on the day. The shirt was £5 and the shorts, Levi's, were £10. Summer is fast approaching so I purchased these summer-minded. I will showcase the outfit a little more in a later post so this was just a preview ;)

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  1. I went to this Vintage fair when it came to Southampton, it was amazing!! So much good stuff,love the shirt you got :) xx

    1. Thank you !! I really like your blog btw, checked it out a few times :) x

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