Monday, April 28, 2014

Geeky - Chicy

ISN'T THIS SKIRT JUST FAB?!. At first I thought, this is waay too girlie for me. And it's a midi skirt which I do not think is particularly flattering on me but once I styled it in several ways, I really liked it. It also helped getting a load of compliments on it too... I was told I look like I came from the Grease era or something (lol!). This AGAIN is a much loved Primark purchase of mine. When I purchased it, in my opinion, this was the best colour but since visiting the Primark in Oxford Circus, I see they have brought out more AMAZING colours and patterns. Really pretty lilac and pink checks and some with buttons down the middle. I may have to purchase another.

 I chose a simple, geek-chic style in this post teaming the skirt with the best two staple pieces I have purchased in the last month. The white ribbed crop top by Topshop and the CUTE Jelly Shoes by ASOS. I LOVE this crop top so much that I purchased it in two other colours. The fact that it is ribbed adds x100 extra style points. 

The beautiful beaded jacket is by River Island a while ago. It adds a touch of glamour to a somewhat casual outfit. 

P.S. apologies for the difference in lighting between my pics on this post. Good ol' British weather, one minute it's hotter than Ibiza and the next Hail-Stones. I tried shooting from different locations to capture the sun's light. I guess it makes for a more interesting post ;)

I forgot to mention in my last post, I spent a long weekend at the Lake District which was a much needed break. The place is simply breath-taking so stay tuned for a dedicated post.

Have a lovely week you guys!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Primark Gets Me.

Jumper - Primark - £3.00 / Stripped Shirt - Vintage Fair / Skinny Jeans - Primark - £11.00 / Sandals - Primark - £8.00 / Rucksack - Charity Shop (Cancer Research) / Rings - Primark - £2.50

Hello lovelies,
I hope you've all had a lovely Easter and have eaten chocolate to your hearts content (eurgh, I don't like chocolate) lol. 

So as predicted, another Primark post. What can I say that I haven't said before? Primark really gets me. 
I wanted some black ripped jeans but I didn't want to pay for some when I was adamant I could do the rips myself. So I bought these cheap pair of jeans (great fit btw!!) and I did just that. To be honest, if the rips went wrong, I wouldn't be upset as the price of the jeans was reasonable. I also knew making the jeans myself would mean I could create the rips to suit me.

The jumper was on sale. I was immediately drawn to the colour and for £3.00, you guessed it, a no brainer! 
My favourite purchase has to be the sandals. They are simplistic, comfortable and so in right now. Perfect summer sandals. They also do them in white which I am thinking of also getting as they are so cheap!!

So dear readers, I decided to treat you with a 2-4-1 post as I have been a little slack with blogging lately. I have created a mini tutorial on how I created my ripped jeans. I hope it helps, let me know how you get on if you make some! :)


1) Gather your essential tools. Your favourite pair of black jeans, an old grater if possible and a marker or pen. As this tutorial was put together after I made my pair (mainly because I didn't know how it would turn out), I used a different pair of jeans for illustration purposes. Ideally use a marker pen instead of a Biro as it's easier to see the mark. I just didn't have one to hand.

2) Mark up were you want the rips to be. This is the crucial stage as it really determines how the overall jean will look. I decided to aim for just below the knee which gave me enough room to maneuver if I wanted the rips to be higher. I just didn't want them to split showing all of my knee.

3) Create a small incision - pinch and snip.  

4) From the incision, cut a straight line from seam to seam widening the gap as appropriate. At this stage, it is advisable to try on your jeans to get an idea of how wide/long you want the rip to be and then cut further if needed.

5) This step shows how wide I made by rip/gap. I'd say about 3/4cm wide

6) Excuse my rusty grater (it is old, unused and perfect for this type of thing). Try not to use a new or in-use grater! This step shows the side of the grater I mostly used. Each side creates a different effect which is cool so I alternated between the smallest holed and the second smallest.

7) Grate until you get the desired effect for you. This step takes a lot of patience but it is definitely worth it!

And that's it :) Easy Peasy, Ripped Jeans Squeezy!

*Tip: wash your jeans to enhance the fray effect*


With a lovely caption stating: 'This look is head to toe Primark and is the epitome of casual cool. We want it all.'


Thank you all for the feature. It is much appreciated x


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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Spring Florals ft PRIMARK

Floral Headband - Primark - £2.50 / Beaded Top - Topshop / Floral Skort - Primark - £7.00 / Ankle Strap Heels - Zara


Primark are well and truly killing it at the moment. I love loVE LOVE their SS14 collection! If you've seen my instagram posts recently, I posted just a few of the many items I have picked up lately so, sorry not sorry but, these next three posts may be dedicated to Primarni.  

The skort is just the most perfect fit and for £7, you can't really lose! I also love how geisha looking it is (Right?!).

I am not really a great accessoriser, especially hair accessories. My clothes usually make a statement in themselves so I never really need that much in terms of accessories. BUT something really made me fall inlove with this floral headband. It is definitely my top item purchased for SS14 so you will probably be seeing a lot of it in posts :) 

**You know what, I am going to work on accessorising a bit more so watch this space**. 

before deciding on this post, I wore the exact outfit to a party with a different top. Okay so I definitely think I look geisha-like Here..... just me? okay....
 Sunglasses - Pull&Bear / turtle Neck Crop Top - ASOS

Thank you ASOS for the feature! It made my day x

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