Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hey Hey lovelies, 
This is a mega quick post on my OOTD. It's not all glam, I do slouch too ;). The ripped jeans trend is on fire at the moment. Luckily, trends go round in a big ol circle. These ripped jeans by Levi Strauss were obtained when I was 17 and working for Levis. I wasn't too keen on them so I wore them a handful of times then left them hidden amongst my pile of jeans. So when I finally decided to have a big sort out and found them, I felt as though they gave me time to grow and mature and then were like 'it is time, you are now ready to appreciate us and love us whole heartedly'. Okay, that was quite deep. 
Anyway, I am so glad I never sold them or gave them away. They are a huge part of my wardrobe now. 

The weather has been super duper lush. Hope you are all making the most of it :)

Sunglasses- eBay • Mesh Body - ASOS • Kimono - ASOS • NB's - eBay

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