Saturday, December 26, 2015

Your New Year dress sorted - Self-Portrait

Happy and Merry Christmas to you all! Apologies this is belated. The months / weeks running up to Christmas have caused me great anxiety. Not only will Christmas never be the same again but I am turning 25 in a couple of days which scares the absolutely shit out of me. I always thought I would have my shit totally together at this age but as I approach 25 I now know 25 is the new 18. I feel younger than I have ever felt, I just have more money I guess - it only really hits me when someone asks my age and I have to say it out loud. Hopefully my baby face will see me through! I definitely know I am happy and feel no pressure at all to rush into anything, FAMILY.

So as usual, I apologise for the lack of posts and online presence. I have been going through something these last couple of months. I won't say I will get better next year as resolutions are a facade but I promise to try haha. I still totally appreciate all your support and love so don't forget me :)

Anyway 2016 is fast approaching whether we make resolutions or not - one thing we know we have to do is start the new year in serious style. SO, I have put together a few of my favourites from the fashion nous label for modern classics, cocktail dresses and perfectly structured shirts - Self-Portrait. 
"Launched by Central St Martins alumnus Han Chong, Self-Portrait is loved by the style set for its effortless femininity with an edge."

Self-Portrait has something for everyone - whatever your new year resolution. Find them on ASOS too for a discount :) x 

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Everyone was so shocked that I was wearing leather dungarees - I really don't know why!
I love the idea of dungarees but it's so rare for me to find one that I think looks great on me. I don't know - maybe it's because I have a short torso or something but a lot of dungas look so strange on me. 
So to find these by H&M was a complete win. I think they have similar ones in store at the moment. I think this one was in the 'teenage girl' section - lol.  What do you guys think? Do I pull them off?

Top by Asos
Jacket by Pull & Bear
Boots by Office 

Shop the look and a few of my favourites:

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Friday, November 13, 2015

John Lennons

Honestly I put on these sunglasses and I feel so rock. Like come at me bro?! 
Just kidding.... this is a weekend ready outfit - feat all my new buys - and to be honest I am more than ready for the weekend (insert work is killing me moan here)

Bag : Primark
Top: Primark
Corduroy's: ASOS
Scraf: Zara
Sunglasses: Brick Lane Market
Boots: Topshop

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Friday, October 30, 2015


No, it's not a typo.. it's an outfit of the other day (OOTOD). Although it is ending October, the weather has been pretty okay. I haven't needed a coat YET but I am excited to bring out the fur.

It is definitely chilly enough for polo/turtle necks to be a constant in your #ootds. I love polo necks but I really don't like spending too much on them because after all, they are pretty much like t-shirts. This stunning polo jumper-top is from Primark (of course). I guess I am a walking ambassador for Primani at the moment. I LOVE yellow's/burnt oranges/reds against my skin tone so I was immediately drawn to it. To tell you the truth, I think I am wearing it back to front - as in - the buttons should be at the back. HOWEVER I think it looks waaaay cuter with the beautiful gold/bronze buttons at the front though... very vintaaaaarrrge.

I live in black jeans to be honest. Like yes I blog in colour but if you saw me in person, I am usually in black jeans. I absolutely ADORE these beautiful coated Topshop jeans. I love the zip detail at the bottom and the high-waistedness of them. At the moment, jean/trouser ensemble is not complete until I add a cute buckle belt to it. It just adds a certain je ne sais quo to any outfit. 

Last but not least, my River Island babies... a visual orgasm and comfy as hell. Great shoes are to an outfit as water is to fish. OMG that is the worst hyperbole ever (i don't even think it even was a hyperbole). But you catch my drift. 

Shop a similar look here:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Style Challenge with recently challenged me to recreate a look most reminiscent of the leading lady of the movie of my choice - in celebration of film festival season. 

A challenge I could obviously not turn down - a chance to recreate an import piece of fashion history - heck yeah!

OF COURSE I chose to recreate a look from 90s fashion bible - Clueless (Cher as the leading lady) - 20 years on and Clueless is still one of THE best and most iconic fashion films ever made and an inspiration on many of the looks sported today. With their Mini skirts, plaid matchy suits, knee high socks, cute buckle shoes and totally quotable lines - Cher and Dionne were the envy of teenage girls everywhere! 

So here is it, a clueless look with a slight 2015 twist paying homage to two great 'visual mediums' - FASHION & FILM (F&F)!

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Thierry Mugler black crop top
£450 -

Moschino vintage jacket
£635 -

IRO black skirt
£380 -

Comme des Garçons socks
£42 -

Emporio Armani wingtip shoes
£275 -

Moschino black bag
£1,035 -


Friday, October 16, 2015


All the cool kids hang out in Shoreditch don't they? Trendy, arty Shoreditch. 
I've finally settled in to London living after almost a month here.. but I spend all my time in Shoreditch. Good vibes and unique places is why I love that place. 
This outfit is pretty Shoreditchy. Laid back cool if I do say so myself. The dress is a Sheinside number. A totally versatile babe piece. The boots are from TK Max a while back but the Topshop  boots everyone is rocking this aw15 is so similar. I won't say much now about the All Saints jacket because it honestly deserves a post of it's own - but AH-MAY-ZING doesn't even cut it!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Photo Editing with Dymps and Dimes

Today I am doing something a little different on the blog - I will be talking about photo editing. I have received a few questions as of late on how I edit my photos. I have never really thought much about my editing. I do everything by trial and error and I don't always get it right so I was really flattered when some people asked ME for advise (lil ol me)
I know there are numerous articles/blogs out there catered to photo editing so this is simply a subjective post on the little I have learnt by myself. 

Now everyone who is anyone with awesome, crisp and bright photos will tell you that natural light or good light is key. That is all well and good - IF you live in LA. If you are from a gloomy country (the weather in the UK is shocking most of the time), it is difficult to always get 'good lighting' hence the need to perfect certain elements of photo editing. The picture below was shot in what most would call 'poor lighting'. The photo was taken indoors with no natural light and a very dim indoor light but a good workman doesn't blame his tools - all the time.

The first step is to welcome you into my world of apps. My top four go to apps. Again, the blogs usually mention some of the ones I will mention so if you want an in-depth review on any, just google it :)

Top Four Apps

1.  Lightroom  (*GASP* she didn't say VSCOCAM first *SHOCK HORROR*)- VSCOCAM is second but my favourite has to be Lightroom. Fortunately, I received the software alongside the purchase of my point and shoot so I never had to pay for it. You are also given the opportunity to have a little mobile app to go alongside the desktop software.

Why do I love this software? It changes a picture from dull to sass with a simple click of auto tune.  I know that's not very pro of me BUT the auto tune is sometimes so good that I don't really have to do much else. And if I am not happy with what the auto tune has provided, I simply control specific elements myself such as 'highlights, contrasts etc'. Everything is so easy and can be easily replicated onto every photo. In other words, you can create a uniform edit for all photos if you wanted to. 
A little trick I do is edit one photo, take a picture of how I have developed (see below), then use the same edit for all photos.

I love that the software never compromises the quality of my pictures  - EVER. And for someone not too tech savvy, it is really straight forward. I am sure there are so so many cool things to do with Lightroom, I simply haven't had the time to really explore it to it's full potential but the basics are definitely more than basic.
If you aren't sure on whether you want to actually pay for the software, adobe offer a free trial so it's worth downloading and using even if it's only for 30 days.

2. VSCO CAM (the people's favourite)  - I looveeee the VSCO CAM. I am sure everyone reading this post has it and if you don't, you don't take your life that seriously (lol, just kidding). But honestly, this app is a blogger's must have and has even been commended by photographers. I invested in all presets because I really wanted to explore them all , however, I usually only stick to the A or C presets to get a uniformed look on my Instagram.

3. PhotoGrid - This is the app I use for borders, to combine two pictures or add text etc. It is the string that ties together my photo editing. I know Squaready and Instacollege are also popular, but IMO, Photogrid blows them all out of the water.

4. Pixlr / PS Express - I know I am cheating here by giving the both of them but I use them for almost the same thing. Pixlr is admittedly used to edit any massive spots I may have had on shooting day. I also use the 'smooth' function to add more of a professional look to my photo's if needs be.  I use Pixlr Express on my Mac a lot usually for final touch ups. PS Express is also brilliant for final touches or breathing life into a picture. 

So there you have it, my absolute must have, will never delete, top four photo editing apps (you can find all of them in your app store). 

Now on to the actual editing!

1. I found out recently that the highlighting tool on your chosen app should be your best friend if the look you're going for is clean, crisp and minimalist. Highlights are the difference between a grey looking background or a clean bright white background. Play with those highlights kids because they can turn a good picture into a great one (check out @missenocha on instagram for some brilliant highlighting inspo)

2. I tend to keep my saturation at a minimum, again, for a crisp and clean looking image. A highly saturated image can make the image look too busy. Most of the apps mentioned above deal with saturation. I usually use VSCO cam to edit the saturation by -1. This means the colour is still in the image without the whole image being a weird yellowy colour (check out @fashioninflux on instagram for examples on minimal saturation)

3. Obviously - BRIGHTEN. Yes, simply editing the brightness of a picture could make a huge huge difference. 

4. Learn to sharpen your images even if it's only by a little. This can make an item really stand out by giving the item some definition. I prefer to sharpen an image than add structure as adding structure may add unwanted shadows creating a harsh effect to the photo. Using a sharpening tool instead of a structure/definition one creates a subtle but mighty difference.

5. I haven't really seen the 'whites / blacks' tool on the apps (maybe I haven't looked hard enough) but I usually use this on lightroom. This means if a background or subject is meant to be white, I increase the whiteness (for loss of a better term) and if I wanted something black to look rich in colour, I would manage that element. This function must be available somewhere in the many editing apps out there but it is very very useful in bringing out the true colours of whites and blacks (the Doctor White of photo editing).

It goes without saying that editing is subjective and should ultimately go with your theme. There isn't one definitive way to edit but these are just a few of the things I do to improve the quality of my pictures.  It is better to try not to over-edit. If you can, do always opt for good natural light which leads to less editing, less headache and doesn't impact the quality of your picture(s).  

I hope this has helped a little or a lot (i'd prefer a lot). 
Feel free to comment if you do anything differently, have any tips, or want to correct me on anything I may have mis-communicated.

Thanks for reading as always

Before / After: picture taken with my iPhone, indoors and with dim lighting - edited using apps and techniques above

Monday, August 31, 2015

Lady In Red


I think someone sprinkled a little sass on me in this shoot #sosassy.

Hey guys , how are you all ? how was your week?

Mine ? Mine has been manic busy thanks for asking. Not only did I move into my new flat in London from a totally different city on Sunday, I started my new job on Monday!
My welcome to London and to the flat was no hot water, no internet or no TV set up so I lived in the stone ages for a while. So far my lovely neighbour has 'lent' me his WIFI, my boyfriend managed to buy a freeview box for us for the mean time and managed to get the gas working. Not bad for four days work ay!

I am happy and a little sad at the same time with my move to London. 
I am really not a city girl AT ALL. I grew up in good ol' Norwich which I appreciate so much now. I hate busy and crowded places. I also don't like being touched without my consent (I am talking about on tubes tehe). I hate having to take tubes to work. I hate that some lines decide to close making it almost impossible to arrive at your destination. I hate that people just say whatever they want to say to you here (yeah, the guys are soooo forward and it makes me want to cry). I also hate how I could get a mansion for the price I am paying for a place here (slight exaggeration but it's ever so slight).  

Okay, enough negativity. On the plus side, I loooove my new job and tbh, my place isn't all bad. I also love having my friends close by and the fact home isn't really that far away. I'll get used to the hustle and bustle. I just need to man up a little. 

So should we talk about my dress? Guess where it's from, go on - guess... no? Okay i'll tell you - you won't believe it, it really is from ............ SHEINSIDE. 
Another beauty from Sheinside. Dress perfection, quality perfection, colour perfection - everything perfect! I have received a heap of comments on this dress with everyone wanting to know where it is from. I have sent a few links to a few people - Ya Welcome!

I don't think I have to say much on this dress - It really speaks for itself!

Get it here

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