Friday, February 20, 2015

Slits and Palazzos

An absolute impromptu post but I was beyond ecstatic to get my hands on these amazing Palazzo trousers from I have been eyeing the two piece for a while now but I haven't yet managed to obtain the matching top as it has sold out in so many sizes (although I am only one size). Palazzos are so my thing right now (alongside flares) and I am so happy the wide leggedness is coming back into fashion (makes me wish I kept my high school large flares with the silver chain dangling from the right hand pocket ) 
Yes I say high school - that is a thing is Norwich. Every non-Norwich person laughs at me like 'pfft are you American or something' - No, but my school in Norwich had a 'high school' at the end so I call it so.

Anyway back on topic. I have seen many wonderful bloggers and their take on flare trousers/jeans and I wanted to make mine slightly more slouchy and comfortable with a dash of chic. 
I got the slit jumper from Missguided as soon as it was released on their site  but then I went away and I didn't have a chance to blog it and so many other beautiful people beat me to it BUT it doesn't take away from the fact I think this jumper is divine and belongs in every divas wardrobe. I am a big fan of side slits because they plump up any dull tee or jumper so this was no exception!

Apologies about the muted picture quality on this post but as I said, it was a kind of impromptu (quick shoot before work - get something out there these blogger 'to do's' say I have to blog at least twice a week lol) hashtag blogger probs.

Outfit details:

Side Slit Roll Neck Jumper - Missguided,  Palazzo Trousers- Pretty Little Thing, Necklace - Zara (sold out) similar here

Hope you lovelies have all had a good week and have an even better weekend. Hope you are all happy to find out Bobby "shurmurda" Beale killed Lucy (learnt that via Facebee)

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Friday, February 13, 2015


Outfit details:

Blazer, (similar here and hereSkirt and Heels(similar here and here) - Misguided , Bralet - Topshop

In my last post I told you all I had been to Morocco - Marrakech the previous week. It was one of the best holidays i've had! As a matter of fact, I have been holiday sick since i've been back and that is very unusual for me. I aim to dedicate a whole post to the beautiful country in the future but before I do that I wanted to showcase some of the outfits I put together whilst over there, starting with my all time favourite.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I really took advantage of it by dressing in my favourite current purchases. As mentioned in my previous post, I feel quite restricted in the winter so I was overjoyed to be able to express myself  and actually make use of all the outfits I had previously bought(lol!)

I am all for fur and all for cape blazers this season. Cape blazers are a brilliant way to jazz up any work wardrobe. Perfect for am to pm  dressing and add a touch of class to any outfit. Fur trimmings add a playful side to what would be a slightly formal outfit.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015


So valentines day is round the corner. And you know what that means, it's a day for lovers to get spoilt (but we deserve it sometimes)!
How better way to spoil yourself or get spoilt than to treat or get treated to the FAB 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Younique. 

Above three pics are a display of how the mascara comes

Younique on me: top left lash had 1 coat of benefit 'they're real' mascara - top right had one coat of benefit mascara and one application (transplanting gel and fibres) of the Younique 3D mascara. I was amazed those were my lashes after just one application (although I like it to look that simple for everyday) but imagine another coat for a night out - WOAH.

Younique on a model.

As you've probably seen, the hype about this mascara has been real and rightly so. When I watched a lot of the videos on Youtube I was blown away, and honestly, I'm not usually one to follow the hype.
I saw a lot of people asking on Facebook if it really works so I decided to order one for myself and try it. AND BOY DOES IT.
This mascara is a god-send. It does everything it says on the tin and more.

Hesitant because you've never heard of Younique?? That's because they've only just launched in the UK! Like Bare Minerals or MAC?? Younique is the perfect combination of BOTH!!

Younique is a makeup/beauty company that has naturally based hypoallergenic products that are amazing! However their #1 seller is  the 3D Fiber Lashes! It comes with 2 tubes, the transplanting gel and the micro fibres. The fibres are what make your lashes as thick and long as you'd like. No glue, no mess, just apply like mascara and get the best lashes EVERYDAY! 
The best thing, the 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily wash off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day. 

Now I am not a huge make-up person but I love making my eyes pop as I truly believe your eyes are the window to your soul and an instant attraction on anyones face. Hence why I will happily spend x amount to make my soul shine (ha!) ,however, this mascara is totally affordable at £23 and it lasts. 
I have worn individual lashes in the past and although they are amazing when done, the wow factor only lasts about 3 weeks (if you don't  shower/swim/sweat/ With younique, the wow factor is there when you choose and for how long you choose.

When you love something you share it, naturally.  That's why I started blogging in the first place. I love sharing my fashion, beauty and lifestyle finds with you guys so I definitely couldn't keep this one a secret. My love for the product enabled me in becoming a younique presenter and I am now a walking advertiser (yay). But please do not believe it makes my opinions biased in any way because the worst thing is lying to your readers and viewers to please a company or brand as it is an abuse of ones position. 
So in all honesty, this product is the bees knees and you should try it!!

I have roped my  F&Fs (friends and family) into it and now it's your turn. BAT DOES LASHES!!

Just click, 'shop from my party now'.

Interested in setting up your own party or becoming a presenter? Please inbox me for more details 

Friday, February 06, 2015


Outfit details:
Fur Cape  - Pretty Little Thing, Vest - Primark , Jeans - Topshop ,  Boots - ASOS  , Bag - Zara (last season, similar here)

I have been away for the past week, I went to Morocco as my birthday gift and it was amazing BUT I will tell you all about that in a future post ;)

The winter has gotten harsher since i've been back. I have to admit,  I struggle a little dressing up in winter. If it were up to me, I would spend all winter in my dressing gown or a pair of joggers. I love summer, I love sun and I love dressing in colour - my body is not made for winter (sobs!).

Thank you Pretty Little Thing and ASOS, you have helped me ease my winter pain in today's post. I get to keep super duper snuggly in this fur cape by PLT and still get to wear colour with these amazing 'Eight Days a Week' boots stocked by ASOS. Paired with black jeans and a black vest for easy winter styling.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Beverly Hills Formula - Perfect White Black Toothpaste


The whole world seems to be on a quest for whiter teeth thanks to the countless amount of teeth whitening adverts and reality TV shows. Whiter teeth is all the rage these days and I have also jumped on that rage. I have tried many teeth whitening toothpastes out there and, at times, i've found I was better off using baking powder on it's own.

So, I recently became the proud owner of my first whitening 'black' toothpaste that came with their very own toothbrush. Yes, you heard it correctly. A whitening toothpaste that is black in colour named 'Beverly Hills Formula - perfect white black'.

' Perfect White Black’s secret beauty weapon is the advanced ingredient activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is proven to be one of the most effective and safest teeth whitener ingredients that not only helps whiten teeth, but also helps combat plaque, gum disease and bad breath.'

I have been using this toothpaste for about a month and the first few things I love about it is the fact a little goes a long way and it seems to be less abrasive than many regular toothpaste brands. 

It  also doesn't have a strange taste. I am easily put off by weird tasting toothpaste that claim to whiten teeth but the thought of using it makes you want to gag. I thought it would taste like liquorice or something like the sought but the minty taste is actually quite pleasant. On first application to your toothbrush, the toothpaste does look quite bizarre and unfamiliar however when  brushing the black toothpaste foam is actually white (like any other toothpaste out there) , so it doesn't leave your mouth covered in black foam. 

Finally, this toothpaste actually does what it is sets out to do, whiten teeth, but within reason. It is not a magical cure for unwhite teeth/badly stained teeth and will not work after first use or give you a hollywood smile (they pay thousands for that smile) , however, if you stick with it and use it morning and evening, you will see some improvements in the colour of your teeth especially for coffee drinkers. Use the toothpaste alongside your daily oral care routine and you're bound to see a difference.

It is also the first toothpaste that I have used all up, singlehandedly, so quickly - and that really says something to me.

Buy yours here (currently at a discount price), there is a range to choose from -

Or read more about it here -

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