Thursday, May 07, 2015


Can you believe my iPhone 6 took these photos? Now it's not quite the quality of my DSLR but it isn't half bad.  My camera is so big that I couldn't possibly carry it everywhere. But for the times were I think to shoot and I don't have it, it is good to know my phone can step up.  This goes to show that you don't need an expensive camera to be a blogger, you just need good lighting (preferably outdoor), a good background and maybe a half decent photo editing software. Thanks #vscocam , you are the photo editing god/godess. 

So this is a mega quick #ootd. I am not always glamorous, I love a good casual outfit like the next blogger (lawls, I am hardly every glamorous) . I look at all these lush bloggers that are always in their 6 inch heels and skimpy clothing and I can't help but think, you look beautiful but you go out in that EVERYDAY? They must live in beautiful countries with a weather to die for with everyone else being equally as glam because , unfortunately, the weather does not permit such dressing in the UK. 

Anyhoo, I also work ALL THE TIME. So a casual outfit is usually my number one grab. And there is nothing like a plain white tee with some army / #camo trousers/jeans, some strap heels and a little bit of wind. SWISH!

Outfit details:
Tee - Primark (instore), Jeans - H&M (similar here and  here), Lace Up Heels - eBay (similar here)

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