Monday, June 08, 2015


Outfit Details:
Culottes - eBay, Sandals - Clarks, Crop Tank Top- Zara, Bag - Collection by John Lewis Liliana Satchel Bag

Culottes are at the top of everyone's list. I had been searching for a perfect pair for so long. having purchased and returned so many because the fit / cut just didn't suit me or it wasn't unique enough for me. Good ol eBay came to the rescue. These culottes fit like they were made for me!! The high waistedness is on point and they are so unusual. I love the tie side and the material, simply beautiful!

If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen me rave on about Zara whites. Honestly, their 'white clothing' collection is 'da bomb'  especially in the Trafaluc section! I think they were just unboxing this crop top when I went to grab it. I had been looking for a white crop top for a while so my search is finally over.

Now let me get to the John Lewis bag. I am the kind of shopper that, when I know I love and want something I know. I can go out shopping and come home with nothing and not feel disappointed, because, I only purchase pieces that grab and lock in my attention. I normally know my attention is locked in when I run and grab something and wonder how I ever lived without it (no, honestly). This bag was just that. Attention grabbing and locking - and how did I ever live without it? The compartments are amazing!! Goodbye frantically looking through my bag for my phone, keys or bank card - Hello organised me!

Apologies for looking so grim and tired in this post. When it came to shooting this, the weather simply didn't permit. Rain, Wind, little crappy things flying all over the place and in my face. I was so unimpressed and you can probably tell (hopefully you couldn't and I just stupidly brought it to your attention). I really wanted to get this post out there so I hope it was worth it haha :)

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