Monday, August 31, 2015

Lady In Red


I think someone sprinkled a little sass on me in this shoot #sosassy.

Hey guys , how are you all ? how was your week?

Mine ? Mine has been manic busy thanks for asking. Not only did I move into my new flat in London from a totally different city on Sunday, I started my new job on Monday!
My welcome to London and to the flat was no hot water, no internet or no TV set up so I lived in the stone ages for a while. So far my lovely neighbour has 'lent' me his WIFI, my boyfriend managed to buy a freeview box for us for the mean time and managed to get the gas working. Not bad for four days work ay!

I am happy and a little sad at the same time with my move to London. 
I am really not a city girl AT ALL. I grew up in good ol' Norwich which I appreciate so much now. I hate busy and crowded places. I also don't like being touched without my consent (I am talking about on tubes tehe). I hate having to take tubes to work. I hate that some lines decide to close making it almost impossible to arrive at your destination. I hate that people just say whatever they want to say to you here (yeah, the guys are soooo forward and it makes me want to cry). I also hate how I could get a mansion for the price I am paying for a place here (slight exaggeration but it's ever so slight).  

Okay, enough negativity. On the plus side, I loooove my new job and tbh, my place isn't all bad. I also love having my friends close by and the fact home isn't really that far away. I'll get used to the hustle and bustle. I just need to man up a little. 

So should we talk about my dress? Guess where it's from, go on - guess... no? Okay i'll tell you - you won't believe it, it really is from ............ SHEINSIDE. 
Another beauty from Sheinside. Dress perfection, quality perfection, colour perfection - everything perfect! I have received a heap of comments on this dress with everyone wanting to know where it is from. I have sent a few links to a few people - Ya Welcome!

I don't think I have to say much on this dress - It really speaks for itself!

Get it here

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