Friday, October 30, 2015


No, it's not a typo.. it's an outfit of the other day (OOTOD). Although it is ending October, the weather has been pretty okay. I haven't needed a coat YET but I am excited to bring out the fur.

It is definitely chilly enough for polo/turtle necks to be a constant in your #ootds. I love polo necks but I really don't like spending too much on them because after all, they are pretty much like t-shirts. This stunning polo jumper-top is from Primark (of course). I guess I am a walking ambassador for Primani at the moment. I LOVE yellow's/burnt oranges/reds against my skin tone so I was immediately drawn to it. To tell you the truth, I think I am wearing it back to front - as in - the buttons should be at the back. HOWEVER I think it looks waaaay cuter with the beautiful gold/bronze buttons at the front though... very vintaaaaarrrge.

I live in black jeans to be honest. Like yes I blog in colour but if you saw me in person, I am usually in black jeans. I absolutely ADORE these beautiful coated Topshop jeans. I love the zip detail at the bottom and the high-waistedness of them. At the moment, jean/trouser ensemble is not complete until I add a cute buckle belt to it. It just adds a certain je ne sais quo to any outfit. 

Last but not least, my River Island babies... a visual orgasm and comfy as hell. Great shoes are to an outfit as water is to fish. OMG that is the worst hyperbole ever (i don't even think it even was a hyperbole). But you catch my drift. 

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  1. This looks gorgeous! I never really wear orange/yellow but it looks superb on you, and the glasses are fab. x

  2. Love the colour against your skintone, just beautiful! Not to mention the shoes #Love


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