Monday, October 19, 2015

Style Challenge with recently challenged me to recreate a look most reminiscent of the leading lady of the movie of my choice - in celebration of film festival season. 

A challenge I could obviously not turn down - a chance to recreate an import piece of fashion history - heck yeah!

OF COURSE I chose to recreate a look from 90s fashion bible - Clueless (Cher as the leading lady) - 20 years on and Clueless is still one of THE best and most iconic fashion films ever made and an inspiration on many of the looks sported today. With their Mini skirts, plaid matchy suits, knee high socks, cute buckle shoes and totally quotable lines - Cher and Dionne were the envy of teenage girls everywhere! 

So here is it, a clueless look with a slight 2015 twist paying homage to two great 'visual mediums' - FASHION & FILM (F&F)!

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Thierry Mugler black crop top
£450 -

Moschino vintage jacket
£635 -

IRO black skirt
£380 -

Comme des Garçons socks
£42 -

Emporio Armani wingtip shoes
£275 -

Moschino black bag
£1,035 -


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