Saturday, December 26, 2015

Your New Year dress sorted - Self-Portrait

Happy and Merry Christmas to you all! Apologies this is belated. The months / weeks running up to Christmas have caused me great anxiety. Not only will Christmas never be the same again but I am turning 25 in a couple of days which scares the absolutely shit out of me. I always thought I would have my shit totally together at this age but as I approach 25 I now know 25 is the new 18. I feel younger than I have ever felt, I just have more money I guess - it only really hits me when someone asks my age and I have to say it out loud. Hopefully my baby face will see me through! I definitely know I am happy and feel no pressure at all to rush into anything, FAMILY.

So as usual, I apologise for the lack of posts and online presence. I have been going through something these last couple of months. I won't say I will get better next year as resolutions are a facade but I promise to try haha. I still totally appreciate all your support and love so don't forget me :)

Anyway 2016 is fast approaching whether we make resolutions or not - one thing we know we have to do is start the new year in serious style. SO, I have put together a few of my favourites from the fashion nous label for modern classics, cocktail dresses and perfectly structured shirts - Self-Portrait. 
"Launched by Central St Martins alumnus Han Chong, Self-Portrait is loved by the style set for its effortless femininity with an edge."

Self-Portrait has something for everyone - whatever your new year resolution. Find them on ASOS too for a discount :) x 

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