Wednesday, January 20, 2016


As you all know, I celebrated my birthday at a Hilton Hotel outside London. I finally got to put on a bikini after so long and it felt great (in preparation for Thailand in 2 weeks!!). I opted for this beautiful 60s inspired separates from asos. High waisted bikini bottoms are my current favourites at the moment - especially for a winter bikini - post christmas :( podgy body.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Busy Weeks & my epaulette top

mega - super late post alert!!

Last week was so busy! But in a good way - I was extremely fortunate to attend so many press days however it was such a shame they were all squeezed into one week - and now I suffer from post press day depression or de-press-ion (lol)

So I wore this outfit to the River Island press day of which you can see some of the photos of the event on Instagram particularly MINE. Because the events usually run during work hours - I had to catch them early in the morning or after work so either way I had to be dressed for work. I also have this thing whereby if I am to attend a press day for a brand I have to be wearing something of theirs simply to show my appreciation - it's just my personal rule.
So my shoes are by Riverisland - these are my babies! EXTREMELY comfortable and they look beautiful with everything even jogging bottoms. I think some people got some shoe envy on the tube as I caught them checking out my feet - guys too! I need to make blog cards so I can hand them out so when people say "where is that from" I can link them up easier (kinda or more for my benefit)

Notice how I am holding the Zara bag in every photo? Okay that wasn't intentional it was just me being totally dumb. I did this shoot in about 10 clicks as it was on a busy street so without realising it, I had completed the shoot and when looking through the pictures after, I noticed the bag in EVERY picture. I wouldn't say it isn't all fitting as my AMAZING top is from Zara. I bought a heap of work tops/shirts/blouses last week and this was one of them. The structure to this top - the way it fits round my wait - makes my boobs look like two cup sizes bigger and make me look like I am wearing a waist trainer - BEAUT! Althouugggghh I wish I had been clever enough to wait until the cyber weekend but no - impatience doobs.

So this is my typical outfit for busy weeks that involve work and play - cute and simple. I wish I didn't have to commute to work i.e. take the tube/walk because my work outfit would definitely be on a Victoria Beckham type shh****t.

Anyway enough late night ramblings. My next post will be showcasing the must haves for SS16 from the press days I attended. 
staaaaay tuuuuned :)

Jacket: All Saints
Top: Zara
Trousers: New Look
Shoes - Riverisland (SOLD OUT)
Bag - ummm lol

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


If you didn't know (and I am surprised you don't), I turned 25 recently. My dreaded age has finally become a reality and you know what ?, it isn't that bad! I mean I am only approx 2 weeks into it but I think I am getting the hang of this whole 25 thing. 

My mr man (pic above as he deserves to be on the right side of the camera) outdid himself. Honestly, I thought he couldn't do better than last year as he really pulled out all the stops, but he did. I think it's quite scary to him as he feels like he cannot top what he does but the beauty of it is that, he doesn't even need to. His intricate planning and eye for detail is what makes my birthday/christmas period so amazing! I appreciate you smelly instagram husband <3

So he arranged a spa retreat in a hilton hotel in a remote area (hope that makes sense). It was everything I wanted in a birthday - chilled, fun, reflective, happy - litch everything! It really opened me up to the idea of being 25 haha (honestly, my fear is so irrational - it's like OMG I am almost 30 - should I be more responsible ? NAH) I am truly blessed to be a year older, don't get me wrong JC, but it comes with all new fears - adult fears.

For something so milestoney (for loss of a better word), I needed THE dress. Unfortunately, I left it a little too late to find the perfect one and due to christmas period delivery times, it didn't come in time. So I found this number in my closet - and you know what - I think everything happens for a reason because it felt right. It felt like THE dress, I felt like a princess or a black M Monroe kinda - AND you wouldn't  believe the price of it - you just won't - SHEINSIDE - £20 mate! Unbelievable. 

The Sheinside link won't work for some bizarre reason but you can also shop the dress here. 

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