Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The Bikinis

This bikini is my absolute favourite. I felt like a beach babe especially with the straw hat to go with it. The tie-dye was what captured me but then I put it on and love the way it frames my body - especially my lack of boobage! Shout out to the girls with no boobs, and a happy belated pancake day (just kidding!) - this bikini will change your life - buy it here!

Tommy Hilfiger - Rework
ahhh the reworked Tommy - if you didn't already know the brand! I know this bikini is one of the hot ones out there at the moment, like Calvin Klein who? Just kidding love you Kleiny - but honestly - everyone and their mum wears Calvin Klein so I thought a change is needed!
I love love the halter neckness of this and the fact it looks beautiful under mesh! 

& other beach loves
Kimono's are the perfect finishing touch to any bikini. They are an absolute necessity and are incredibly chic. This one by ASOS, is currently the favourite kimono I own. I love the mixed tile print, the split side detailing, the layers and the length. I felt like a goddess.
P.s. I am not frowning, I am squinting trying to find the light - #tyrataughtme

The Scenery

SO these are just a few thailights of my trip. Trust me I could have posted like 500 but I had to calm down. The place is seriously beautiful - I am already looking to go again next year, that will be my third !! 
On the plus plus, I am going to New York tomorrow ya'll - my life is so 112 right now, peaches and cream !

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  1. Love all your bikinis! Thailand looks amazing its top of my wanderlust list! Looks like your having a good time! enjoy! - x

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