Monday, March 28, 2016

Out Out with Boohoo: Part II

SO, this is another one of my out out looks by Boohoo.

This side split bandeau dress is perfection. It is super duper classy and the colour goes so well with my current ginger locks. I attempted to accessorise it but I honestly think simplicity is key with this as it is a statement piece in itself - if I choose to accessorise, I would pick large-ish stud earrings and a muted clutch!
If you decide to buy it - it fits true to size (maybe a teeny weeny bit snug around the chest but nothing unbearable)

Buy it here for £20 - an absolute bargain!!
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Out Out with Boohoo: Part I

Currently obsessed with: Boohoo 
From their TV ad to their choice in music (tracks by Mura Masa btw) and of course their clothes. They are absolutely killing it with their party wear, of which this is part I of II to showcase, and their work wear.

I spend hours and hours just browsing - glass of wine in hand and I MUST get to page 89 of 89 or else I haven't browsed properly :( (honestly does anyone else do this or am I just OCD!)

You know when you get something through the post in the morning and you haven't even showered but you get so excited to try it on and take pics - yeah! So I apologise my visage isn't up to scratch, I didn't even do my makeup for this shoot. I was so excited to get it out and was planning to crop my face out but no, you get the real me ha!

Absolutely inloooveee with this quirky co-ord/two piece. It comes in two colours, black and midnight Midnight was my favourite - I own too much black. 
Once I tart myself up and add some simple statement pieces (oxymoron BUT yes you can have simple statement pieces such as arm cuffs) this outfit will be complete.

Buy it here  for a reasonably priced £20!
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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Denim Edit - Part II

Hey you guys, I hope your weekend has been amazing!

So I bring to you my Madewell's - in particular Madewell x Daryl k flares bought in their Brooklyn, New York store.

These flares definitely deserve their name because they are made weller than well - they are made damn well. They fit like they were made for me and I them. They hold everything together, give the best illusion of a great arse and are just so timeless. These are the jeans that can be worn for drinks or school runs (in years to come, I hope). They are also incredibly easy to style. I did the double denim look out of preference but the beaded jacket from Urban Outfitters (closet oldie) and the waist coat from Primark (available in store now) shows how simple layers can change the whole look. I cannot forget to mention that they are a beautiful colour.

If you choose to purchase them, go down one size to get a better fit.

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Monday, March 07, 2016

The Denim Edit: Part I

Primark's denim collection is so nice this SS16!

I honestly love this store and for all you Primark snobs out there here is a quick lesson - style is style - style is how you wear something and not about how much that thing costs. Don't get me wrong I love a designer item as well as the next blogger but at times you really cannot beat the uniqueness of some budget shops, trust me - I went shopping in NYC.

I really am not one to buy something just for the label because tbh , if I can get the same vest in Primark for a small fraction of the price, I am going to Primark matey - It doesn't matter how much money I make. 

I love shopping so much that I know in a couple of months or so, I will want to buy another vest because I needed another for some reason I make up in my mind - shopaholic problems. 

New York was great for shopping but some of the stores were selling really basic looking items for silly prices - really not my thing. Like don't be pretentious just for the sake of it - why are you selling a vest for $50 when the same vest is in U.O. for $15!!

I take pride in the fact that if I like something, I like it - it doesn't matter where it is from. Sometimes when I wear Primark, people do not believe the item is from Primark - the look on their faces is what I love the most.

Anyway my lesson is don't limit yourself in fashion - you CAN wear whatever, just wear it well!

Outfit Details

Top: Sheinside (incredibly comfy and the material is stretchy so true to size)
Dungarees: Primark (in store only)
Lace up pumps : eBay (similar here )
Bag: Louis Vuitton (closet oldie)

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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

New York in pictures

I wore these boots everywhereeee... omgsh I love these boots! They are the PERFECT colour, heel height and knee length. I received compliments on them EVERYWHERE I went even Aldo - the shop they are from. Everyone and their grandma loved them and if nothing more, it was a great conversation starter....thanks boots for making me a more social person..

I can't talk of the boots and not mention my favourite Pull & Bear shearling coat (similar here), my suede Primark A-line skirt (worn back to front - the zip at the back is meant to be at the front but it looks waaay cuter at the back), the comfiest colour block jumper by Topshop and of course, the outfit would not have been complete with a bobble hat by Riverisland - men's collection (similar here).

The Scene
P.s. if any of you end up in NY you have to go to Sarabeths for brunch - their pancakes are everything - EVErything

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