Monday, March 07, 2016

The Denim Edit: Part I

Primark's denim collection is so nice this SS16!

I honestly love this store and for all you Primark snobs out there here is a quick lesson - style is style - style is how you wear something and not about how much that thing costs. Don't get me wrong I love a designer item as well as the next blogger but at times you really cannot beat the uniqueness of some budget shops, trust me - I went shopping in NYC.

I really am not one to buy something just for the label because tbh , if I can get the same vest in Primark for a small fraction of the price, I am going to Primark matey - It doesn't matter how much money I make. 

I love shopping so much that I know in a couple of months or so, I will want to buy another vest because I needed another for some reason I make up in my mind - shopaholic problems. 

New York was great for shopping but some of the stores were selling really basic looking items for silly prices - really not my thing. Like don't be pretentious just for the sake of it - why are you selling a vest for $50 when the same vest is in U.O. for $15!!

I take pride in the fact that if I like something, I like it - it doesn't matter where it is from. Sometimes when I wear Primark, people do not believe the item is from Primark - the look on their faces is what I love the most.

Anyway my lesson is don't limit yourself in fashion - you CAN wear whatever, just wear it well!

Outfit Details

Top: Sheinside (incredibly comfy and the material is stretchy so true to size)
Dungarees: Primark (in store only)
Lace up pumps : eBay (similar here )
Bag: Louis Vuitton (closet oldie)

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  1. Your outfit looks gorgeous and I love your blog

  2. What a babe you look in Dungarees and I LOVE your glasses <3 xx


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