Monday, March 21, 2016

Out Out with Boohoo: Part I

Currently obsessed with: Boohoo 
From their TV ad to their choice in music (tracks by Mura Masa btw) and of course their clothes. They are absolutely killing it with their party wear, of which this is part I of II to showcase, and their work wear.

I spend hours and hours just browsing - glass of wine in hand and I MUST get to page 89 of 89 or else I haven't browsed properly :( (honestly does anyone else do this or am I just OCD!)

You know when you get something through the post in the morning and you haven't even showered but you get so excited to try it on and take pics - yeah! So I apologise my visage isn't up to scratch, I didn't even do my makeup for this shoot. I was so excited to get it out and was planning to crop my face out but no, you get the real me ha!

Absolutely inloooveee with this quirky co-ord/two piece. It comes in two colours, black and midnight Midnight was my favourite - I own too much black. 
Once I tart myself up and add some simple statement pieces (oxymoron BUT yes you can have simple statement pieces such as arm cuffs) this outfit will be complete.

Buy it here  for a reasonably priced £20!
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