Tuesday, June 21, 2016


So this post isn't going to be word heavy as the pictures speak for themselves.  I was again and will continue to be so humbled to be invited to their press day. Full of friendly faces with the most chilled out atmosphere and of course lustful previews.

Personally, this is the BEST collection to date (p.s. AW means Autumn-Winter). Honestly guys, watch their space. Some pieces set to hit the stores will blow your mind! The collection is so fresh, vibrant, full of unique textures, fashion forward prints and patterns! 

Their beauty collection is set to rival some of the big makeup and beauty brands out there! Many of their lipsticks and pencils are most definitely the perfect MAC dupes.  They cost less than £2 so there is honestly no harm at all in giving them a gew - as they say in Norfolk! 

If you try and don't love - no harm done, you spent on makeup than you probably spend on a cup of coffee or tea - if you try and love (which I know you will) - please can you email me to thank me - I'll be waiting....

I completed a short video ↓ also - it showcases some items that aren't in this post ;)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why I Do Not Believe In Personal Style

So I decided to do a combination post today. One, to show you this beautiful shirt and shorts from H&M that isn't actually a two piece but a collection of items of the same print which one can mix and match to form a two piece. In my opinion this is the most beautiful print out of their summer collection - no wonder whenever I am in H&M I see 1/5 people reaching for it.
P.s. it was raining when I did this shoot - explains the water on my legs and my slightly odd look.

Another is to give my opinion on why I do not believe in personal style and feel free to disagree with me....... if you dare ;)

I have seen a lot of posts in which bloggers and magazines alike urge us to find our personal style and stick to it/build on that. 

Okay so, if we never changed our minds, emotions, thoughts or feelings - then fine, I get it. But the truth is, we change, we change with age, with situations and life - it is inevitable. If we are as complex and changeable as we are, why should our clothes mirror one side of that? - I know, a little deep but you catch my drift....

If the idea of personal style is meant by staying true to yourself and being okay with that then fine - if it limits you into choosing what you already know and not being daring - then I disagree.

When I look at my fashion sense I wouldn't say I have a personal style - if I like something, I will wear it. My wardrobe is so diverse and I am happy with that. Fashion is about inspiration from everything and everyone around you - this means my personal style changes a lot but I am okay with that. I have gone from wearing massively flared jeans with huge chains attached and having piercings behind my neck to wearing a kappa tracksuit. If I like it, I am comfortable in it and I can fit into it (paramount) - I will wear it. A lot of people say to me, you can pull off anything - that's not necessarily the case, I am just happy to try and wear anything - at least once!

The idea of personal style can sometimes put unnecessary limitations on how we express ourselves.

I will flip the coin and obviously state if you are COMFORTABLE, happy and confident in what you are wearing then do so - do not stick to a personal style because that is what you are known for and the idea of change may confuse other people. 

In short, wear what you like, how you like it and where you like ( ....within reason with the where lol)

Did I just have a rant?

Hope not, what are your thoughts ?

The look:
Shorts & Shirt - H&M
Sunglasses - Bottega Veneta  (my love for TK Maxx needs a post of it's own - coming soon)
Sandals: ASOS

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Monday, June 13, 2016

The simplest way to de-stress - Organic Aromas

I am a huge stress head. Yep, I will admit it -I have a calm exterior (sometimes) but there are like 100000000000zillion things going on inside my head! Some as minor as what to cook for dinner but between work, annoying upstairs neighbours and general life stresses - I am one to always need a de-stress. When I can find the time it's yoga, usually it's scented candles but as of recent it is aromatherapy - SO, I was extremely excited when I became the proud owner of Organic Aromas' nebulizing diffuser.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of scents from essential oils - in baths, diffusers or whilst massaging - to improve the quality of your life by relaxing your mind and body - this leads to stress relief, energy boost and aids in sleep. In a fast paced world where we are prone to anxiety and depression, aromatherapy is an amazing alternative to medicine.

Who are Organic Aromas?

Organic Aromas is comprised of a group of passionate, experienced health care professionals dedicated to enriching and improving the lives of people all over the world using a unique form of aromatherapy that combines an exclusively designed nebulizing diffuser with pure, organic essential oils and their specially formulated blends.

What's in the box:
Plug and adapter 
Instructions manual

How it works

When I first received the product, I will be honest, it looked like a science project. I was extremely put off about setting it up because it looked like it took A LOT OF TIME! To my surprise, it was the easiest thing to get going. It helps that the manual is very well laid out - not too word heavy and only four or so pages. I can be easily put off by reading to the point I do not watch a lot of films with subtitles - I think completing a law degree scarred me. 

So the product is super easy to set up - it goes in order of the biggest to the smallest and voilĂ , ladies and gentlemen, we have a diffuser.
Once set up, pour a little oil in (as  a little goes a long way) t, plug in, and that's honestly it!

Why Organic Aromas?

I am honestly blown away by this product... and here is why..

  •  BPA Free - safer for the whole family, you can even put it in your child's/children's room to help them sleep better
  • No Plastic - each diffuser uses 100% glass and high quality wood - this means less risk of harmful chemicals getting in the mix
  • No water needed - just high quality ORGANIC essential oils hence the name 'organic aromas'. One thing to mention is that these diffusers do not work well with thicker essential oils such as vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood, benzoin and patchouli. Organic Aromas suggest diluting these oils with other essential oils in a blend or perhaps with a thin carrier oil like Sweet Almond oil.
  • Essential oil smells amazing - I received the signature blend oil and it smells like a dream - extremely relaxing and makes me sleep like a baby
  • The diffuser is quiet - which is a big plus as there is nothing worse than the unnecessary sounds of an equipment when you are trying to relax/de-stress
  • Long lasting product - surprisingly, the oil does not diffuse through quickly meaning a small bottle of the essential oils lasts a while!
  • Long lasting smells - I diffused a tiny drop of the signature blend oil and the smell lasted the whole day ! I have also noticed the nature of the diffuser means scents travel upwards, so, diffuse some in your living room (if downstairs) and you'll also notice the great smell upstairs 
  • Setting change available - you may want to diffuse the oil quickly as you have guests coming over or want a slow diffuse - this can easily be achieved by the dial 
  • Beautiful design and amazing colours - the diffuser creates such beautiful colours when on - definitely aids in the calming of the senses.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The perfect dress for every summer occasion

It's officially here guys. The season of all seasons!

The season a nation of sun chasers start planning for in December. The season that begins in June and at times, ends in June- sighhh

The season of barbecues, fair grounds, festivals and maxi dresses!

I was approached, in light of their summer campaign, to choose a dress of my choice from  the JD Williams summer dresses category - I chose this utterly beautiful frill-hem, cinched waist dress from their maxi dress category.

Maxi dresses are the perfect dress for every summer occasion [if not every occasion] and here is why:
  1. They are so feminine - automatic added grace and elegance to any wardrobe
  2. You are never too old for a maxi dress - EVER
  3. Your 'I feel fat' days are covered - honestly, who has time to worry about a food baby in the summer?
  4. They are incredibly comfortable 
  5. You can get away with hairy legs - gross but true - we have all been there
  6. Baby bump friendly - because it's hard enough being pregnant in summer
  7. You can go commando - without anyone being in the no, even if the wind blows (I don't know if you noticed, but my rhyming skills are on point - so if any rappers out there need a ghost writer, hollaaa)
  8. They make for easy peasy styling - sandals, biker boots, heels, denim jackets, leather jackets, embellished jackets - everything goes, no fuss
This dress ticks all the above boxes and is so flattering - although technically a summer dress - I think it would look so beautiful when layered up in the winter. I was drawn to the colour, pattern and detailing - when received, it was as great on as on the website. Amazing quality, great length AND the straps are adjustable which is a bonus for ones with smaller busts as myself.

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Sunday, June 05, 2016

5 Key Steps To Good Skin

Socialising is just part of my every life routine. I meet up with friends every week and somehow, even when I do not want it to be, alcohol is involved. Even a glass of wine or two and some sleepless nights can affect my skin. 

I'll let you into a little secret, when I was a teenager my skin was quite spotty. I never thought I would grow out of it - even though the adults around me kept re-assuring me that it is an age thing' - I never believed them. My skin improved a great deal when I turned 18 - perfect timing as it was a couple of months before heading to uni. My step mum is so good at skin care - maybe because the only TV channel she watches is QVC (love you Becky - Becky with the good skin). I initial heard about Liz Earle as she bought the range for myself and my sister. Because of the price, I could not afford it as part of my routine when I was 18 so I would look forward to birthdays and christmases where it was a sure gift. Long story short, nature took its course and my skin improved so I started using the cheaper ranges such as your Garnier's or Nivea's as part of keeping up with my skin care but my skin didn't take to them all too well.

When I finished Uni and got a stable job, skin care was the most important thing to me. I would spend money on good (expensive and inexpensive) skin care products instead of beauty products... and I guess that has remained my motto to this age. I want my skin underneath to be better than my skin with makeup. For the past 3 years I have been using the Clinique anti-blemish range which I love love love - I occasionally dabble with other products such as Nip & Fab, Ren and more,  especially if I get freebies - but my main love has and still is Clinique. The anti-blemish range is great if you do not mind spending between £25 - £60 on your skin - which in the grand scheme of things is quite cheap - and you have problem skin.. I would definitely recommend trying this. My one very slight issue was with the pump face wash - I just didn't feel as though it penetrated the skin and I wasn't left feeling as though my face had been thoroughly cleansed. The toner and moisturiser is fab but I wasn't blown away with the cleanser.

Soo three weeks ago, I decided to go back to my roots - mama knows best after all. I went back to Liz Earle you guys and I must admit, I do not regret it. Going back to my initial intro, my lifestyle is so hectic - especially with living in London. EVERYTHING involves alcohol - seeing friends - go for a drink, trip to the aquarium - prosecco, work dos - go to a bar - I AM DONE, help me, I am basically a functioning alcoholic. SOoooO, my skin and my diet has to really be on-point. 

I use the daily essentials kit for dry/sensitive skin and it works for me. The kit consists of:

  • Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser - 100ml - unlike Clinique's cleansing foam, this leaves my skin feeling so CLEAN - the cloth is also a major help in removing 'debris'!
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic - 200ml 
  • Skin Repair moisturiser, 50ml
  • Exfoliator, 50ml - I use this no more than twice a week and I use it BEFORE I cleanse. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating first actually removes all the dead skin and gunk you do not want meaning the skin is ready to soak in all the goodness the cleanser has to offer. P.s. people leave out their lips when exfoliating - don't! Exfoliating your lips is equally as important!!

Liz Earle works for me - it is fantastic value for money, the application process gets a 10/10 and the product smells absolutely beautiful - not chemically (lack of a better word) and not perfumed - just right! 

This is not to say this particular brand will work for everyone but getting the five basic steps for good skin care right right whether you have skin like a baby's bum or battle with problem skin - that is (1)take off makeup, (2)exfoliate, (3)cleanse, (4)tone and (5)moisturise - is vital to having and maintaining good skin.It is important to note, I try to stick to one range at a time - especially if it is working. I feel chopping and changing all the time can sometimes confuse the skin meaning it won't respond well to treatment.  

On a good day, I carry out the vital steps twice a day (step one is not vital when/if you have no makeup on)  - on a bad day I carry out steps 3-5 in the morning and at night, at least steps 1,3 and 5, yes - even when I stumble home at 3am. 

Other equally as important inside-out steps to good skin:

  • drink plenty of fluid - water is best
  • Vitamins - I am currently using 'Imedeen' for skin which you can purchase in boots. I was gifted some on the QVC press day late last year and I haven't used anything else since!
  • Avocado - specific but it really helps!
  • Try (operative word) to get plenty of sleep 
  • Exercise at least once a week - sweat out all your stresses and toxins
  • don't get tempted to pick, squeeze or pop - oi, fingers, down!
Skin care is so important. When all the contour kits, lip kits and brow shades are said and done, your skin will still be there for you - look after it so it can look after you!

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