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5 Key Steps To Good Skin

Socialising is just part of my every life routine. I meet up with friends every week and somehow, even when I do not want it to be, alcohol is involved. Even a glass of wine or two and some sleepless nights can affect my skin. 

I'll let you into a little secret, when I was a teenager my skin was quite spotty. I never thought I would grow out of it - even though the adults around me kept re-assuring me that it is an age thing' - I never believed them. My skin improved a great deal when I turned 18 - perfect timing as it was a couple of months before heading to uni. My step mum is so good at skin care - maybe because the only TV channel she watches is QVC (love you Becky - Becky with the good skin). I initial heard about Liz Earle as she bought the range for myself and my sister. Because of the price, I could not afford it as part of my routine when I was 18 so I would look forward to birthdays and christmases where it was a sure gift. Long story short, nature took its course and my skin improved so I started using the cheaper ranges such as your Garnier's or Nivea's as part of keeping up with my skin care but my skin didn't take to them all too well.

When I finished Uni and got a stable job, skin care was the most important thing to me. I would spend money on good (expensive and inexpensive) skin care products instead of beauty products... and I guess that has remained my motto to this age. I want my skin underneath to be better than my skin with makeup. For the past 3 years I have been using the Clinique anti-blemish range which I love love love - I occasionally dabble with other products such as Nip & Fab, Ren and more,  especially if I get freebies - but my main love has and still is Clinique. The anti-blemish range is great if you do not mind spending between £25 - £60 on your skin - which in the grand scheme of things is quite cheap - and you have problem skin.. I would definitely recommend trying this. My one very slight issue was with the pump face wash - I just didn't feel as though it penetrated the skin and I wasn't left feeling as though my face had been thoroughly cleansed. The toner and moisturiser is fab but I wasn't blown away with the cleanser.

Soo three weeks ago, I decided to go back to my roots - mama knows best after all. I went back to Liz Earle you guys and I must admit, I do not regret it. Going back to my initial intro, my lifestyle is so hectic - especially with living in London. EVERYTHING involves alcohol - seeing friends - go for a drink, trip to the aquarium - prosecco, work dos - go to a bar - I AM DONE, help me, I am basically a functioning alcoholic. SOoooO, my skin and my diet has to really be on-point. 

I use the daily essentials kit for dry/sensitive skin and it works for me. The kit consists of:

  • Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser - 100ml - unlike Clinique's cleansing foam, this leaves my skin feeling so CLEAN - the cloth is also a major help in removing 'debris'!
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic - 200ml 
  • Skin Repair moisturiser, 50ml
  • Exfoliator, 50ml - I use this no more than twice a week and I use it BEFORE I cleanse. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliating first actually removes all the dead skin and gunk you do not want meaning the skin is ready to soak in all the goodness the cleanser has to offer. P.s. people leave out their lips when exfoliating - don't! Exfoliating your lips is equally as important!!

Liz Earle works for me - it is fantastic value for money, the application process gets a 10/10 and the product smells absolutely beautiful - not chemically (lack of a better word) and not perfumed - just right! 

This is not to say this particular brand will work for everyone but getting the five basic steps for good skin care right right whether you have skin like a baby's bum or battle with problem skin - that is (1)take off makeup, (2)exfoliate, (3)cleanse, (4)tone and (5)moisturise - is vital to having and maintaining good skin.It is important to note, I try to stick to one range at a time - especially if it is working. I feel chopping and changing all the time can sometimes confuse the skin meaning it won't respond well to treatment.  

On a good day, I carry out the vital steps twice a day (step one is not vital when/if you have no makeup on)  - on a bad day I carry out steps 3-5 in the morning and at night, at least steps 1,3 and 5, yes - even when I stumble home at 3am. 

Other equally as important inside-out steps to good skin:

  • drink plenty of fluid - water is best
  • Vitamins - I am currently using 'Imedeen' for skin which you can purchase in boots. I was gifted some on the QVC press day late last year and I haven't used anything else since!
  • Avocado - specific but it really helps!
  • Try (operative word) to get plenty of sleep 
  • Exercise at least once a week - sweat out all your stresses and toxins
  • don't get tempted to pick, squeeze or pop - oi, fingers, down!
Skin care is so important. When all the contour kits, lip kits and brow shades are said and done, your skin will still be there for you - look after it so it can look after you!

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