Tuesday, June 21, 2016


So this post isn't going to be word heavy as the pictures speak for themselves.  I was again and will continue to be so humbled to be invited to their press day. Full of friendly faces with the most chilled out atmosphere and of course lustful previews.

Personally, this is the BEST collection to date (p.s. AW means Autumn-Winter). Honestly guys, watch their space. Some pieces set to hit the stores will blow your mind! The collection is so fresh, vibrant, full of unique textures, fashion forward prints and patterns! 

Their beauty collection is set to rival some of the big makeup and beauty brands out there! Many of their lipsticks and pencils are most definitely the perfect MAC dupes.  They cost less than £2 so there is honestly no harm at all in giving them a gew - as they say in Norfolk! 

If you try and don't love - no harm done, you spent on makeup than you probably spend on a cup of coffee or tea - if you try and love (which I know you will) - please can you email me to thank me - I'll be waiting....

I completed a short video ↓ also - it showcases some items that aren't in this post ;)

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  1. Love the photos and video. Primark has definitely stepped up their game

  2. Gorgeous shots, I haven't been to Primark in SO long! So going to have a sneaky watch of your video now :) xx


  3. Love the blog photos & video. Well in to anything embroidered . Cocktail dress is Fab. Thanks for the share.

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