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The simplest way to de-stress - Organic Aromas

I am a huge stress head. Yep, I will admit it -I have a calm exterior (sometimes) but there are like 100000000000zillion things going on inside my head! Some as minor as what to cook for dinner but between work, annoying upstairs neighbours and general life stresses - I am one to always need a de-stress. When I can find the time it's yoga, usually it's scented candles but as of recent it is aromatherapy - SO, I was extremely excited when I became the proud owner of Organic Aromas' nebulizing diffuser.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of scents from essential oils - in baths, diffusers or whilst massaging - to improve the quality of your life by relaxing your mind and body - this leads to stress relief, energy boost and aids in sleep. In a fast paced world where we are prone to anxiety and depression, aromatherapy is an amazing alternative to medicine.

Who are Organic Aromas?

Organic Aromas is comprised of a group of passionate, experienced health care professionals dedicated to enriching and improving the lives of people all over the world using a unique form of aromatherapy that combines an exclusively designed nebulizing diffuser with pure, organic essential oils and their specially formulated blends.

What's in the box:
Plug and adapter 
Instructions manual

How it works

When I first received the product, I will be honest, it looked like a science project. I was extremely put off about setting it up because it looked like it took A LOT OF TIME! To my surprise, it was the easiest thing to get going. It helps that the manual is very well laid out - not too word heavy and only four or so pages. I can be easily put off by reading to the point I do not watch a lot of films with subtitles - I think completing a law degree scarred me. 

So the product is super easy to set up - it goes in order of the biggest to the smallest and voilĂ , ladies and gentlemen, we have a diffuser.
Once set up, pour a little oil in (as  a little goes a long way) t, plug in, and that's honestly it!

Why Organic Aromas?

I am honestly blown away by this product... and here is why..

  •  BPA Free - safer for the whole family, you can even put it in your child's/children's room to help them sleep better
  • No Plastic - each diffuser uses 100% glass and high quality wood - this means less risk of harmful chemicals getting in the mix
  • No water needed - just high quality ORGANIC essential oils hence the name 'organic aromas'. One thing to mention is that these diffusers do not work well with thicker essential oils such as vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood, benzoin and patchouli. Organic Aromas suggest diluting these oils with other essential oils in a blend or perhaps with a thin carrier oil like Sweet Almond oil.
  • Essential oil smells amazing - I received the signature blend oil and it smells like a dream - extremely relaxing and makes me sleep like a baby
  • The diffuser is quiet - which is a big plus as there is nothing worse than the unnecessary sounds of an equipment when you are trying to relax/de-stress
  • Long lasting product - surprisingly, the oil does not diffuse through quickly meaning a small bottle of the essential oils lasts a while!
  • Long lasting smells - I diffused a tiny drop of the signature blend oil and the smell lasted the whole day ! I have also noticed the nature of the diffuser means scents travel upwards, so, diffuse some in your living room (if downstairs) and you'll also notice the great smell upstairs 
  • Setting change available - you may want to diffuse the oil quickly as you have guests coming over or want a slow diffuse - this can easily be achieved by the dial 
  • Beautiful design and amazing colours - the diffuser creates such beautiful colours when on - definitely aids in the calming of the senses.
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    This is the best way to get relief from stress. Aromatherapy is very good for health. If it can use in a particular way its very helpful for health. Thank you for your nice sharing.


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