Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why I Do Not Believe In Personal Style

So I decided to do a combination post today. One, to show you this beautiful shirt and shorts from H&M that isn't actually a two piece but a collection of items of the same print which one can mix and match to form a two piece. In my opinion this is the most beautiful print out of their summer collection - no wonder whenever I am in H&M I see 1/5 people reaching for it.
P.s. it was raining when I did this shoot - explains the water on my legs and my slightly odd look.

Another is to give my opinion on why I do not believe in personal style and feel free to disagree with me....... if you dare ;)

I have seen a lot of posts in which bloggers and magazines alike urge us to find our personal style and stick to it/build on that. 

Okay so, if we never changed our minds, emotions, thoughts or feelings - then fine, I get it. But the truth is, we change, we change with age, with situations and life - it is inevitable. If we are as complex and changeable as we are, why should our clothes mirror one side of that? - I know, a little deep but you catch my drift....

If the idea of personal style is meant by staying true to yourself and being okay with that then fine - if it limits you into choosing what you already know and not being daring - then I disagree.

When I look at my fashion sense I wouldn't say I have a personal style - if I like something, I will wear it. My wardrobe is so diverse and I am happy with that. Fashion is about inspiration from everything and everyone around you - this means my personal style changes a lot but I am okay with that. I have gone from wearing massively flared jeans with huge chains attached and having piercings behind my neck to wearing a kappa tracksuit. If I like it, I am comfortable in it and I can fit into it (paramount) - I will wear it. A lot of people say to me, you can pull off anything - that's not necessarily the case, I am just happy to try and wear anything - at least once!

The idea of personal style can sometimes put unnecessary limitations on how we express ourselves.

I will flip the coin and obviously state if you are COMFORTABLE, happy and confident in what you are wearing then do so - do not stick to a personal style because that is what you are known for and the idea of change may confuse other people. 

In short, wear what you like, how you like it and where you like ( ....within reason with the where lol)

Did I just have a rant?

Hope not, what are your thoughts ?

The look:
Shorts & Shirt - H&M
Sunglasses - Bottega Veneta  (my love for TK Maxx needs a post of it's own - coming soon)
Sandals: ASOS

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  1. I thought I was the only person who felt this way, I'll wear pretty much anything! Great post.

    Two Looks, One London ~  Fashion, Beauty, Life...

    1. Glad to see someone else feels the same :) thank you !! xx

  2. totally agree with you! My personal style seriously depends on my mood for the day! Love this outfit :) you look great ♥


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