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7 ways to make high-street look high-end

I make it no secret that I love high street brands but I am very particular on my product choices when shopping. A lot of people are shocked when I tell them an outfit I am wearing, that they love, is from Primark - it's all about clever styling and choosing well and I will tell you how...


dupes meaning duplicates - If you see items in your favourite high end stores, take pictures, make a mental note and look for the same items in high street stores. Unless the product is totally unique, beyonce irreplaceable and unduplicatable, look for an alternative in high street stores. A lot of fashion pieces are recycled by stores unless they are bespoke - so don't be surprised that you find the same dress you were swooning over for £70 in French Connection, for £20 in Primark. I have found as a great high street (online) dupe for a lot of Zara products.


I tend to keep my high street pieces very simple. I do not wear a lot patterns anyway but it is easier to make muted and neutral tones look more expensive than florals and printed items. Although this dress is lime/chartreuse in colour, it is still quite understated which automatically gives it a more dearer look. If I didn't tell you it was from Primark , and you hadn't seen it in store already, you probably would not have guessed.


This is really really important as it is makes the world of difference. I tend to stay away from jersey items as it is very difficult to make jersey look expensive. Some would say also stay clear of polyester but I believe it depends on the type of clothing - this dress is made from polyester and is a gem so don't rule it out completely. When shopping from I am usually weary of their chiffon pieces because a few I have ordered have looked awful - the heavier weighted items are usually the best looking.You basically want something that won't crumble in the wash.


so you have followed the three steps above but the dress you love doesn't fit. It's okay - just get it tailored. Items that are well fitted to the individual tend to look more expensive. Where you can save on some money by shopping high street, use the savings to make the piece look like it was made for you. 


Jackets are basically the finishing touch to a look and will usually bring the whole outfit together . When it comes to this, I will invest and be willing to spend serious dollar. This is not to say you have to spend a lot of money on this but if you were going to splurge on any part of your outfit, this is where to do it.  This leather jacket is from - leather jackets are my favourite as they are incredibly timeless and look better with age! Classic Trenches, tailored jackets or aviators are also worth the investment.


So this one is cheating a little bit but when styling high street products, throw in some designer or statement pieces where you can. Designer handbags or sunglasses will usually do the trick - I chose my Bottega Venetta sunglasses and Louis Vuitton Bag.


We live in a world where a lot of people look down instead of up when they walk... this means your shoes will be the first to get noticed out of your whole outfit. It's fine to go high street here but choose  an understated statement piece - sounds like an oxymoron but what I mean is choose something that is not necessarily loud but has a certain je ne sais quoi about it. 
And for goodness sake, keep those shoes in good order - clean, shine, polish - just make them look good - your old converse will probably not do the trick!

The Look:
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Jacket: All Saints (similar here)
Sunglasses: Bottega Veneta 

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  1. Love the tips & that outfit looks amazing on you. 👌👌


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