Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great places to take fashion shots for your blog

I wish I were one of those bloggers that travels like everyday so their blog photos are just to die for... but sadly that's not my reality...yet. Blog photos are everything and are the foundation of ones blog. Of course content is important but 6/10 people are only here for the photos and where to get the stuff... so basically I could put anything in this section and a lot of people would never even know....

I live in the UK and the weather here is such a little bitch. Like just man up and shine sun, it's not that hard.  I also do not live in close proximity to pretty all white buildings, architectural buildings or marble floors (all the craze these days). So I found 4 great places to take photos based on my blogs aesthetic..... if I have one. I had to search for places that suit my style without having to take long trips ... and indeed I did..

There are garages most places - some in pretty colours and some neutral coloured. This is a great starting point and actually where I started. I wasn't great with my camera and my location wasn't one I wanted to use, so the usage of garages gave my photos a unified look and at times the minimalistic backdrop I need to make the outfit the focal point. Factories and warehouses are also in line with this - harder to find but great when you do.
Office buildings usually have a neutral decor and offer great space. Weekends or after 6pm will usually be quiet so seize the opportunity to take photos (maybe take a couple of outfits and shoot in bulk). 

Car parks are great if you live next to a quiet one. There is nothing more annoying than trying to take shots when people are staring at you and cars are beeping at you to move out of the way ... how inconsiderate of them

On a semi quiet day, parks are great places to take photos with beautiful, colourful and somewhat magical backdrops. As with office buildings, the amount of space means you can angle your photos and focus on what best takes your fancy be it the beautiful trees, fountains or lakes. 

There are churches everywhere - a lot of them so enchanting on the outside like the one where I shot this look - & this Learning how to angle your photos can create optimal results and make the world of difference.

Bus stations

Depending on the aesthetic you are going for / that of your blog - any of these plans would work and could create awesome pictures. In blogging and photography sometimes it simply comes down to location, location, location. 

outfit details:
Blouse: Missguided
Skirt: H&M (instore)
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Jacket: All Saints

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