Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Topshop, Top-Tops!

I just spent some heavy dollar on some Topshop tops - totally worth it! I am loving the casual button blouses so much I have them in three colours ... so far! I bet you can guess what I am going to say as I bang on about it all the time BUT they make switching between work and after work activities so easy! The crop detailing is also perfect as I own so many high-waisted pieces and I love my shirts, blouses etc to sit a certain way! Has anyone seen a black one yet because I haven't......

A few of my other purchases below:

I think this is also a great opportunity to tell you all about a little Instagram page I started to showcase wonderful and in the time workwear pieces - it is called @workwearofinsta ! Feel free to tag us in your looks (caption or pic) or use the  hashtag #workwearofinsta for a chance to be featured - everybody gets featured, it will never be based on your follower count or your popularity on Instagram - simply content! :)

In the mean time, you can still keep up with me and my pages below:

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