Thursday, August 18, 2016

That 70s Chick

When an outfit comes together and your shoes match your bag - on to a winner. Btw these jeans are the biggest attention attracter ever - like a million and one people wanted to know where they are from. So they are Topshop but they are SOLD OUT :( ! I usually don't like showcasing things that are sold out because it defeats the purpose but I had to guys - also to make you jealous. Keep an eye out if you loved them - search 'fringe hem' online! They completely sold out in two days before but came back and then sold out in like a day - they are bound to come back in stock - they are basically the Kylie Lip Kit of jeans. I went for my usual size '26'  but I should have gone a size up to make them a little more mom jeansy. They are pretty snug so dependant on your fit preference, you may have to go up in size!

Outfit details:
Jeans - Topshop
Top - Topshop (which regrettably has sold out online but is still in stores)
Choker - Mispap
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Louis V

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Like Boys

Outfit details:
Skirt - Zara
Sandals - ASOS
Top - Comme des Garçons (Selfridges)
Bag: Gucci

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

25 Messages To My Younger Self

1) Eyebrows will be a huge deal one day - H.U.G.E.

2) You'll never have to use Algebra in your adult life - like ever

3) Your popularity in school means diddly-squat in the long run - besides the "popular" ones seem to get pregnant first

4) That time your dad stopped you from hanging out in the park with your friends and drinking shandy - yeah, it's because he loves you

5) Pokemon will come back in fashion - keep your Pokemon cards!

6) Your virginity is worth your weight in gold - choosing to wait is not an embarrassment

7) Don't cry over boys, do squats and make them cry

8) You may grow up to have only 5 good friends - and thats okay - quality is better than quantity 

9) Take advantage of naps - please

10) Learn a different language

11) Buy a few expensive things instead of a lot of cheap things

12) Be your number one supporter

13) You'll do some dumb shit - it's okay to make mistakes, the universe works itself out

14) Pursue your talents - you never know what could be achieved

15) It's okay to say no - you can't please everyone

16) What people think of you is none of your business

17) Take care of your teeth - everyone will notice them

18) Develop a healthy lifestyle from young - it will catch up with you

19) Parents aren't adults - they are just kids that can't play out anymore

20) DROP TOXIC PEOPLE - life is too short

21) Enjoy & totally immerse yourself in your life - find adventures in everything

22) BE HAPPY - laugh a lot, like those real deep stomach laughs

23) You're stronger than you think

24) There will be such people as the Kardashians - sorry, who?

25) Never stop being a bookworm

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Simple Glowy Everyday Makeup

I was gifted these lovely L.A.B makeup brushes and I was going to do a blogpost on it's own but I though narr, let me try my hand at a YouTube sped up + dancey tune makeup tutorial. It only took me 2 hours to film and another 2 to edit 


I did it and it's half decent - watchya think?

I am an avid Youtube makeup tutorial watcher - I am incredibly fascinated by those that can transfer themselves totally. But between trying to change our faces to look like Drake and a caked or baked face, I feel we have lost appreciation for the simple looks. NOT EVERYDAY CONTOUR - sometimes a little goes a long way together with the fact I would have to wake up at 4am to perfect my makeup skills before work. It's just not going to happen. Beauty sleep over makeup so I go for quick glowy, dewy, radiant barely there makeup.


- Laura Mercier - silk creme oil free photo edition foundation - I love this due to the oil freeness. It lasts all day and feels very light on the skin despite the fact it is medium - high coverage.
-LA Girl Pro Concealer - greatness for a price less than a cup of coffee that will make you look better than if you drank a cup of coffee! The brush ended application is uber helpful as it means the product just glides on beautifully.
- NYX's sculpt and highlight face duo - This is also a great inexpensive highlight/contour product - gives a beautiful glow!
- Ben Nye Luxury Powder (mine is in Topaz) - I decided to try a little of this because I didn't really know whether the colour would suit me but this powder is now my everything. It gives my face the uplift it needs and sets foundation / contour wonderfully. The most important part of my makeup routine is under my eyes because that is the part that changes my whole face and makes me look all #instagrambaddie-ish.
I bought my sample of this on eBay but it annoyingly came in a bag which is so inaccessible. So if you're going to purchase a sample, make sure it comes in a little powder container.
- Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator (glided honey)- This is a good illuminator but not my favourite. It's a little hard to dust on so I usually go for my MAC's mineralized skin finish in gold deposit.

The L.A.B brushes are really good. The Kabuki brush is probably my favourite. The foundation brush is good but the bristle are a little rough on my skin - it helps to wash it before use or add the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir radiating moisturiser to it which softens - this avoided rashes or redness. The Kabuki brush is honestly a secret weapon for powders.
Guys, Primark's pro brushes are surprisingly good - like gooder than good. They are so so soft, application is flawless and they do not irritate my skin. To think they were about £4 - I am so impressed!! 


ABH dahling, brows are all ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) - Her brow products are dope. The dipbrow pomade in ebony got delivered today so my collection is complete as I own the Brow Wiz and powder. 

I occasionally use NYX's micro brow pencil because I love how slim it is - it especially works when I haven't plucked or threaded my eyebrows in a while and I want precision!
In the video I use their sculpt and highlight to tidy as the colour works better for blending.


I keep this as simple as possible. My eyes have to look alive but not overly dramatic. I use my Laura Mercier metallic creme eye colour in burnished copper EVERYDAY. The colour is close to my skin tone but just gives my eyes the glow I need. There are plenty of colours to choose from but this works wonders for the look I am trying to achieve!

For Mascara and Eyeliners, I swear by Eyeko . I tend not to line my bottom lids because it takes away from the barely there eye look IMO.


And for my lips I swear by Primark's lip liners.
I have spoken to a few people that have admitted they would have never thought much about getting makeup from Primark but the simple fact is - their lip creme's and liners are Primazing! SOoo pigmented and the colour stays put - no need to keep re-applying.
I also love the fact that although most of the creme's are matte in look, they contain enough moisture for your lips to look attractive. There is nothing worse than matte cracked lips!
For a subtle look, I use the lip liners only but for other occasions, I would top up with the lip creme for a more vivid colour. 

Let me know what you think - share, comment, like :)

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Monday, August 01, 2016

Styling: Primark's Bell Sleeve Top

I noticed that recently, I do not wear jeans anymore. I can count on one hand how many times i've blogged with a pair of jeans - so weird as I own so many! I guess whenever I shoot, I am either dressed for work or going out - no in-between. I always go straight out from work so it was really nice the other day when I got to come back, get changed and head out again. I attended the  'Greenwich Comedy Festival' which btw, if you love comedy, you must attend. I think tickets are still on Yplan for about £20 and it's totally worth it - the hot / chilli dogs are also amazing so make sure you try them!

Outfit: I am really digging bell sleeves, frill sleeves, ruffles and stripes this season (I was going to say this summer but summer where?!).... so when I saw this bell sleeved striped top in Primark - I was like yes, let's do this. If you're not a fan of the stripes, they have this same top in so many different colours and even in lace so you're spoilt for choice really! I look forward to styling this top with my dungarees or a cute leather skirt with some equally as cute suede ankle boots. 

Outfit details:
Top: Primark
Jeans: Topshop (similar here)
Bag: Gucci
Heels: eBay  (these are incredibly comfortable - like walking on elevated marshmellows)

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