Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I took a trip to Cyprus..... show Avicii I was cool..  (if you know, you know)

Anyway, weird intro - but I took a trip to Cyprus for a long weekend with my family. We stayed in the south side (Agia Napa) but also visited the north. Soo . . . . Napa in November (. .  in the 'winter') is surreal. It felt like an episode of Black Mirror; I could imagine the carnage that graces the beautiful town in the summer but the winter was so calm and beautiful. It's as though once the tourists leave, the town regains it's identity. It is VERY quiet and full of the older gen but a perfect getaway for a relaxing, peaceful time and a time with family.

We also visited Famagusta (Magusa) which is on the north Side and to some classed as Turkey but to most, a sad loss for Cyprus. I think time stood still here from the 70s.  Also, the fact from the south side to the north takes approx 25 minutes yet there is a time difference of an hour is mind blowing. The security across the border is incredibly tight - so if you plan to go, plan well :)

I made use of 24 - 27 degree heat by getting me legs out. I've acquired some beautiful dresses recently. Dresses I thought would have to wait until summer to see the light but here they are folks.... 


 Outfit Details: dress - Shein


Okay this isn't a dress but this is my favourite jumper at the moment. I have worn it consistently for a week now and it hasn't been washed once!! I really wanted to showcase it on the blog as i've had a load of questions about it so here is the direct link - 'Drop Shoulder Sweater'


outfit details: belt satin dress - Mango , trainers - Commes des garçons


outfit details: dress & tee - Primark

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