Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dressing for date night....when the weather is below zero

I'll moan about something incredibly trivial now but it's so difficult to blog in these weather conditions - I feel personally attacked by the weather right now. Cold weather and bitter winds are probably a bloggers' nightmare (and everyone else's I'm sure); whilst some manage to pull off blogging in the winter and look so happy doing it, the rest of us have our boyfriends wrap us in tinfoil between shots whilst screaming 'did you get it' lol. The alternative is indoor lighting but we all know that's nothing like natural outdoor beautiful bokehable lighting - nothing.

So I was incredibly chuffed when a company sent me something I could actually blog outside in without freezing my ass off - a hoody! NICCEa cool, contemporary streetwear brand delivering minimalist and quality clothing with its roots in the rich London music scene offers plenty of women hoodies. If you're on top of your Instagram fashion game you'll have seen this brand circulating round a lot of well-known faces so I'm extremely chuffed to be representing this brand also.

The hoody itself is very comfortable due to it's incredibly soft material. It's from a collection of premium hoodies and sweatshirts that the brand has recently unveiled. I opted for a large size because I love my hoodies baggy so I can wear them like dresses - and I also think baggy hoodies and knee high boots are an awesome advantage we have as women. Getting a large size also means by boyfriend can wear it too so thinking of you bei...

This was the outfit I wore for date night last night which consisted of a walk around London, dinner at On The Bab (amazing Korean street food) and a showing of Blank Panther.  I'm pleased to say I was very cosy despite the blistering London winds - hoody 1, spring-ish 0.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

A universal shortage in......etiquette?

I'll call this post part of my 'thinking out loud' series this year. It would be an understatement to say I've noticed a real shift in our world, especially with the way we treat each other... was I incredibly naive when I was young or have things taken a drastic turn for the worst since like 2010? Is there now some sort of a universal reluctance to be or universal rebellion against being ....human? I know I sound pretty dramatic but drama isn't short of how I would describe the world today

or can we simply put it down to a universal abandonment of etiquette... 

I'm particularly sad when we let go of the little things, the things that literally cost nothing like -  no longer finding the strength to wish one another a happy birthday and the struggle to say 'good morning' to people outside our household - especially to co-workers (people we probably spend more time with than our own families).

My sensitivity meter may have increased or something because I'm noticing this trend a lot more and it's frightening. Etiquette is free; manners are free - we need to re-humanise ourselves because if we lose the basics, the bigger issues have no hope. In recent years we've seen a spotlight on mental health issues and how we can collectively try to assist the people around us - I can't help but think that going back to the basic ways we showed each other we cared could have an impact on how we all feel - don't you think? Let's try to get out of the quietly toxic habits we are getting ourselves into!

So this year, I promise to send more happy birthday cheers, celebrate other people's milestones and ensure I always say good morning to my co-workers even when I may not necessarily be having a good morning!

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