Monday, February 18, 2019

Femme Luxe Refinery

If I may be honest when Femme Luxe contacted me to choose some items I took one look at the page and thought, this isn't really my style. I wasn't sure on the quality of items and I didn't want to simply accept clothing only to then give away or never wear the items again. However, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when these two pieces arrived. The quality of the dress, in particular, is so good and it fits so well that it accentuates the right curves making these cozys also great for nine to wine nights.
I took both items on my recent trip to Iceland as I wanted to be warm and fashionable and I was also double pleased with the material - not flimsy at all. I can positively say these items invoke some joy and if Marie Kondo was in front of me I'd still definitely choose to keep them.

If you're thinking of ordering from the site, order your usual size as everything fits T2S.


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